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"You haven't stopped me yet?" - If Bezzeganyuk's coming in

"You haven't stopped me yet?" - If Bezzeganyuk's coming in

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Should we lose weight or not? Can a good mom be a pretty woman? And what do we think of the perfect mom of perfect kids? They are the ones who never cry and sleep soundly at night.

Discussion: Slim or thin?

Well, no one is the same, moms are relieved that their situation is overpowered with some excess weight. That's why you're on a very sensitive topic. However, on the Internet, it doesn't matter who the bloody debates overheard are from time to time. Already takes on a tiny "pig" joke with excess weight.March is divided into two teams: the desire is not bad, or the one who fools, stupid, helpless and shameless. From this point on, dozens of yeasts are uplifted by each one, full of persuasion, and the debate, after a few comments, goes a long way beyond a few noble rabbits. Soon, mothers make hasty statements about the topic of lunacy, because anyone who is warmed up and lame at home all day shouldn't be surprised if her couple look after another woman.

There is a constant debate between the moms about body weight

But don't let anyone down because everyone can find a tooth! For anyone who celebrates a child's first birthday with a flat stomach is a hi, an innocent, and only deals with himself. In fact, who looks like she's out of Cosmo now is a slut. And after explaining it on many sides, why we are still 87 kilos after birth with another year, we are slowly believing that there is nothing to do, and there is a large box printed on the evening in large glass boxes.

Debate: Do you like a casserole or of course?

Whoever gets pregnant, according to the laws of nature, and with some luck, somehow gives birth to a child. How, of course, is not a little controversy in the "church". Many people are born with a cup, although they are not designed as such, they lick many of the resulting wounds, whether mental or physical. enough, the np gathers in a bloody concoction and takes both the comment and the post. Because first of all, what do you think it was not for the baby! After all, it is not the birth that is the essence, but the healthy child, and especially, that he must have overcome all the suffering of the many owls. volt! And, of course, mother-child bonding requires suffering because every woman deserves the miracle that parenting means.
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And also: Childless Childless Baby

After just a few months of forum posting, the three comments in the weekly comment box also reassure me. Because these kids are always better, smarter, faster, and more perfect. The dying woman's child can be no more than a secondary girl who is always left behind in everything. He starts to talk faster, he starts talking. Where there is at least one Bezzeganyu, sooner or later, the situation gets crazy. But the moment comes when someone gets full of the glass, and Bezzeganyu necks not only her own, but also the "np" that she reads. ban your system administrator from the forum. Also, somebody also remarks that Bezzeganya and Bezzegan are certainly going to counteract something, as opposed to what she tells us. which you look like. It is also possible that Bezzeganya was not a woman, but a bored, slightly strange man…
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