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Let's get this error out there first!

Let's get this error out there first!

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We may not even think that some form of visual error can occur as early as infancy. We often prevent further deterioration if we turn to a specialist in due course.

An ophthalmologic examination is warranted in the first half if the family has a severe eye disorder or if you have a premature baby. At this age, parents find it difficult to recognize a visual error and cannot simply rely on baby signs.
If the two eyes are not parallel, do not expect to be "outgrown" by the child, although it may happen that they are sometimes bandaged in the first few months. At the first step of the examination, the ophthalmologist drops an eye drop on the baby's eye that makes the lens of the lens immobile.

Let's get this error out there first!

After a few days, the doctor uses a special instrument through the dilated pupil to lighten the nerve, and to measure the visual function and the appearance of the image. The examination is not painful, but due to the temporarily enlarged and incapacitated pupil, these days do not expose the baby to a bright light. Naturally, the effect of eye drops is self-explanatory, shortly after the test.


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