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The newborn is born

The newborn is born

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In my experience, it is more and more common for a mature, born-born baby to come home from the hospital with an eye. It is very exciting for a young baby with a first child.

It is not the runny nose that is the problem, but the nasal congestion. This is a major obstacle to newborn breastfeeding. You know that not all young mothers know that a tiny baby can breathe exclusively in the nose. The most important thing when sucking is that the nasal passages are breathable and work freely. It obviously follows that the hungry child, no matter how hungry, does not benefit from eating. They are breastfeeding for a short time and little, so they gain little weight.

No visible sign

To make them aware of the importance of neonatal nasal breathing, I have to kill a very rare condition. This is coanel atria, or congenital abnormalities of the back. There is an external, visible mark on the inside of the nasal passages, and on one or both sides of the nasal passages a lump or even ossification occurs. Side engagements do not pose a life threat, but if they occur on both sides, they put life at risk. Without fetal water, the child will not breathe and her skin will be bluish-gray.
With the help of a probe inserted into the nose, the cause and the risk of drowning can be detected within a fraction of a second. All the birth departments are ready for this.


Bacteria that are often found in the home of the nasal cavity are often found in bacteria. It is possible that they are moved from the parent canal, but errors can also occur when applying hygiene rules.
Care should be taken during breastfeeding to keep the breasts and hands clean. For pregnant mothers, use a mask close to the baby. Family members should also adhere to the most basic hygiene rules for the baby. The big brother does not even kiss his tiny hands, because the bacilli are there too.
Larger children have become depressed of the nasal passages - and as a result, parents are becoming more sophisticated and courageous lately. But they need to know that it is more important to free a newborn than a bigger sibling from ever-growing voters - due to nutrition.
Many people complain that nasal congestion after mild depression is reduced, but it does not disappear. This is due to an inflammatory, swollen swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose. After its elimination, it is advisable to apply a drug to the nasal cavity, which acts on the mucous membrane after desiccation.

Before or after?

Inside the nasal passages are very tiny hairs visible only under the microscope, so-called hair follicles, which drive the ingested impurities, microbes, over the back of the nasal passages. These hairs work better in a physiologically moist environment. That is why many people suggest sprinkling physiological nose into the nose to relieve the symptoms of vagina.

Nbaths a baby

An important question to ask is when to give a nose drop to a child: before or after nasal discharge?
The nasal drops taken after removal of the nasal passages are in direct contact with the nasal passages, reducing swelling, and helping the process of purifying the nerve. The nasal space around the nose, even in the newborn age, also allows for the ventilation of a small cerebral system. The drug applied to the nasal passages cannot interact with the mucous membrane because it is blocked by the cilia in the form of a filmic layer and therefore its effect cannot be reversed.

Elimination of nasal cysts in New Year's Eve

It happens the same as with older children, with greater caution. Many people are afraid of the power of the dusty nose, they think it is drastic, and therefore do not dare to use it. However, I can set this up based on my clinical experience in childhood nasal surgery for more than a decade, and there is no other way.
Removing the pathogens in infected strains by repeating them several times a day is the most effective option. It has no side effects, no risk. It is important that the power of the heart does not exceed 1000 watts. It is best to carry the heart with the child in an upright position, leaving one of the nasal passages free.
Of course, there are always two people who need to be safe. There is also a variation specifically designed for tiny babies between the dusty noses. It fits well into your baby's nose and is easy to keep clean.
Performing a nasal toilette is important not only during the evening, but also every time before a meal. Thus, the baby's nutrition and development will be smooth, and the baby will sooner think.
Breastfeeding is a great help in combating the disease, as natural resistance to the ability to develop is almost indispensable. The death of the nettle, the formation of the events can be prevented in such a simple, homely way.
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