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So raise a confident child!

So raise a confident child!

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Do you also want your child to grow up with a well-informed, conscious and self-confident adult? So you can help him with this!

So raise a confident child!

Children are basically not confident because parents praise them brain-to-head. Rather, it succeeds We will gain newer and newer skills. The praise of the parents is, of course, very important, but it is most useful if this child is focused on a specific result, eg When a young child learns something new (for example, brushes his teeth, learns to ride a bicycle), he starts to feel confident. This is true in very young age, as a toddler feels the same way when he or she takes the first steps of his or her life. With the awareness of "I can do it," self-confidence increases with each new skill in the child.

How can you help him with this szllkiny?

First and foremost, by giving your child the opportunity to perfect their knowledge. You let it work, make the mistake of "watching" from the backdrop, and when the little one begins to give up the fight, you persistently encourage it. Reward the same way, not just success!By giving your baby the opportunity to try it alone, giving them instructions, and being extremely patient, you help him or her master the basic skills you need. These little successes will give him less confidencewhen faced with newer (and more serious) challenges.

Don't get in the way!

Between secure frames, of course, but let your child play alone! Give him a chance to make a mistake and learn from him! For example, if your baby / son wants to learn how to make a sandwich, then give them your permission, explain what you want to do, and then finish ! Are you not going to make a rum rum in the kitchen? Yeah, sure. However, do not intervene even when the lettuce leaves and the credo are full of butter! If you intervene and eventually make the sandwich instead, your son / daughter will rightly think that they are incapable of making a sandwich. One day your child will be bassy waking up "Mom, I'm hungry, so they made me a sandwich!" And you might think you're gonna say, "Super, treasure, are you going to do one for me?" And there is no better way to do it, as it will make sure that you are confident in your abilities and your child's confidence will continue to grow.

Trust and praise!

When children get into trouble, they tend to give up fighting. However, you can encourage perseverance. By trying to accomplish the task again, we learn to obstacles can be overcome.If you have succeeded in making your eyes light, it is good to praise them, but you can also encourage them to pursue other goals. For example, if your son / girl has successfully made a sandwich, you might ask, "Do you want to learn how to bake an egg?" Sandwich making and egg-making do not seem to be great results, however, it is considered to be a baby whip in your child. Your job is to teach your child how to take care of yourself. Naturally, you need to feel that you need to, but by gaining enough confidence and independence, a new, higher level is needed. Not only addiction but love and pride will be the foundation. And it may be one day to thank you for what you prepared for it before. The speed that you have overcome with confidence and confidence. Also worth reading:
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