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Don't give your child calcium unnecessarily.

Don't give your child calcium unnecessarily.

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It is completely unnecessary to take calcium for allergies. Hungarian practice is not only completely useless, but it also costs a lot of unnecessary calcium intake.

Don't give your child calcium unnecessarily.

It doesn't grow in wisdom, it's about 80 years old tйvhitwhich is still solid in the medical community for the sake of calcium for throat inflammation, viral infection, urticaria, allergic reaction - reports on the Index. Not only is it completely unnecessary, but it is also a risky and, in extreme cases, a life-threatening practice for the patient. The Index, home doctors for allergies, viral infections and acute pharyngitis. It cost around $ 1.4 billion, of which TB support amounted to 344 million.Excessive and completely unnecessary exercise is also dangerous: a serious allergic reaction can be fatal if the patient is on calcium instead of receiving antihistamines. According to the Mбrpedig Бllami Egйszsйgьgyi Ellбtу Kцzpont Tйteles Egйszsйgьgyi Adattбrбnak statisztikбja the vizsgбlt idхszakban tцbb as egymilliу allergiбs cases treated Magyarorszбgon kalciummal.A 2015 цs йv meant csъcsot unjustified kalciumfogyasztбsban Alapkezelх According to the data, you have already vбsбroltak azуta fewer patients unnecessarily, but 2017 Even so, 288,000 boxes of medicines were sold, worth about 300 million forints.Related articles in Calcium:
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