Esther's diary - instead of the 25th of a week's woe

Esther's diary - instead of the 25th of a week's woe

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Heavy sugar test, hormone deficiency and a little vacation at the end. Esther is in her seventh month!

24-26. there is a busy sugar test weekly, it was week 25 for me. The examination is carried out on all pregnant women and is aimed at detecting pregnancy-related diabetes that does not cause symptoms. I had to go to the hospital where I belong (Bajcsy-Zsilinszky) by 7 in the morning, with an empty stomach and a referral. First they took blood, then had to drink 75 grams of glucose dissolved in 1-2 deci of water. Glucose is prescribed by women in prescription, but can be bought anyway at any pharmacy. It is worth taking a half a lemon with you, because it is easier to make a sweet plaster if you put it in it. This time, I have to sit in two places, of course the baby started so my stomach was swinging right and left. At the end of the two ounces, it is followed by a color, showing the values ​​of how our body can process this amount of sugar. If your blood sugar is above 7.8 mmol / liter, you have diabetes mellitus, which can be kept on a strict diet, and should be taken seriously, especially when fetal development is abnormal. You can inquire about the results after one to two weeks.
I think pregnant women are more complicated than their non-pregnant counterparts. We need extra patience. Of course, hormones often form the basis of sensory deficiencies, which sometimes do not need to be. Ismerхs? I hate to menace you. Yeah, of course, who loves. But I still hate the week before the red days, when for a few minutes in the sun, sometimes for a moment, I get dragony. No Sьsь, much worse. When an innocent sentence, we could kill a shit. Shout out. To go crazy. When I feel that I am a disgruntled gas, but I cannot control myself, my intense senses are ahead of everything. I killed the guys who want out, who wants a girl like that? But to be excused, we really can't do it! At least not for sure. Because it comes like a summer rainstorm, you drool and then retreat. Woman lightens lightly. And the smart (routine?) Male will remain silent, will not give birth, will not receive excess water, and will not give up, because then the storm will disappear in a blink of an eye. I always thank Géza for not making the already frustrated and uncontrollable dilipers difficult. One of the foundations of a long-term marriage / relationship is probably cold blood. Roll over and then shit. Like a neurotic clip. Well, then I'm pregnant right now, there are no difficult women's days left, and who's missing me, but there is always nerve damage. Not all the time, and not all the time, but pregnancy hormones are rampant. There are times when they cause innocent and desperate grief, sometimes when they are suddenly desperate, or may have raging anger, no anxiety inducer. Worst of all, when I look (desperately), I am able to immediately view myself, which results in laughing at me. Crying out, I don't want to cry, but I don't want to quit! Giza is facing me, and I see that he is scared, crooked or something like that ... he doesn't know what's in store for me, what's inside me, who's been charming his little wife. "Get the magnesium!" - I smiled at him, Giza smiling at the table with three blushes. Then we still cry, "not enough !!!" - I sigh with light eyes, screaming. And it really happened that it wasn't enough, because that day I was still bitten twice by the sobbing out of nowhere, but to say the least, this has been my worst day, tonight as you cleaned up, rested, kцzlekedtem. I cried out and alleviated my pregnancy-related frustrations. Some that sex didn't help either. That's how it goes - as the Tralfamadorians say.