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Don't call me dad, we want to get pregnant now!

Don't call me dad, we want to get pregnant now!

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In our productive period, we are seeking to establish a relationship with our father - a researcher at the University of California at Los Angeles and University of Miami.

"These days, we're less likely to call our dad and, if he calls, our conversations will be shorter than usual," said researcher Martie Haselton.
"Evolutionary biologists believe that females of other species are also in close contact with male relatives during fertile periods," said Debra Lieberman, first author of the research article. "To our knowledge, no one knew how it worked in humans," he and his colleagues told Psychological Science in the latest issue. There are no unequivocal external signs in humans. In spite of this, women dress more attractively, changing their pitch to make them look even more attractive. They try to break away from the groups on the productive days of their cycle, and even on those days they are more attracted to the masculine (whether outward or demeanor).

Phone calls and family chat?

The researchers examined women's phone numbers between 48, 18 and 22 years. Over a month, they monitored the time and length of conversations with their parents, and then compared it to the women's fertility cycle. In their unproductive days, women called their dad twice as often as during the fracture period. Regardless of who initiated the call, they had 1.7 minutes of talk time on their productive days, while on average they talked for 3.4 minutes.
Researchers have concluded that a close relationship with the father discourages possible court action, but the data seems to counteract that. It seems more costly that, as with most species, women have developed psychic defense mechanisms that prevent them from being conceived by fewer healthy children, so they are more likely to lose their genetics. "For people, the fertile period is short," says Lieberman. "Sexual relationships during this period are crucial because they can easily conceive and the offspring need to be raised. No wonder that genetically similar, kinsmen are removed, since they are not biologically Hungarian."
Not seeking control over the purpose of avoiding fatherly conversations may also indicate that in more productive days, they call their mothers more often, and the more often they have a closer relationship with them. In this case, they call their mother four times more often than their father and speak for an average of 4.7 minutes instead of the usual 4.2 minutes.
Researchers believe that women are probably asking for relationship counseling. Our mother's life experience is much greater, and you can imagine asking, "Mom met a cute son, what do you think?" Unconsciously, women are trying to find a pair in the period around the follicles, one that is not genetically similar to them. "We think that we are overwhelmed by our animal instincts. However, our experimentation proves that our daily decisions are always influenced by ancient instincts that extend beyond our millions."