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Are you getting more and more HPV?

Are you getting more and more HPV?

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The number of human papillomavirus (HPV) cancers in Hungary is constantly rising, and regular screening and screening cannot be emphasized in advance.

Are you getting more and more HPV?Men are as prone to catch HPV as women, and in fact, not only are sexually active populations exposed to the infection. unlike HPV, HPV is not the same as cervical cancer. 80% of people are infected with HPV at least once in their lifetime, but the strong immune system overcomes it most of the time, and the people affected are not at risk.

Are you getting more and more HPV patients?

HPV is a widespread disease that can cause abnormal cell division, cell proliferation on the body's squamous cell surfaces. Malignant lesions can be targeted: penis, pubic, vagina, pubic and gizzard, and often granules. In women, after regular HPV infection of the genital tract, the importance of regular cancer screening is increased. as malignant lesions, but in lay people HPV infection has been linked to the cervix, which is premeditated. a person without the disease carries the virus, which in itself is of little significance, since most people think of infection within 1-2 years, but there is a 10% who can develop some malignancy. vaccination to prevent infection "- call it the attention Dr. Zsolt Melczer, the Buda Nuclear Medicine Center. Regular cervical cancer screening is one of the best ways to prevent cervical cancer. The filter is also able to detect the smallest changes caused by HPV. The tumor develops slowly and does not cause any symptoms at first, so regular check-ups have a better chance of starting treatment early. "However, it is important to know that cervical screening cannot detect HPV infection. This requires an individual test on a sample taken at screening," he adds.

How does such an examination take place?

During the pleural screening, the cervix smears a specimen from the cervix. Placing the same sample in a specific culture medium, the head of the sampler can carry out HPV filtration in a specialized microbiological laboratory. But this has to be asked for outside because it is not part of the routine examination and costs money. Experts take samples of the male nipple and the penis.
If the result is positive, the screening should usually be repeated every 6 months, and more frequently every 3 months. However, in the case of a simple HPV infection, no intervention is required, but no intervention is required. You have to wait patiently for the infection to contemplate as there is no cure for it! It can only be prevented, with the help of a shield.

HPV: The cancer that we have a weapon against

"HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. The real danger is from high-pathogenic strains, and at the same time, even several types of the virus can be inhabited by mast cells. Luckily, Dr. Béres Zsuzsanna, an ophthalmologist at the Buda Oltoku Center.
Long-term infections caused by the virus can lead to malignant cellular changes, which can sometimes take years or decades. Nearly 80% of women become infected during their lives, meaning they are living with the disease. Not only women are affected and not only are they at risk, vaccination of men and boys would also be important. "Immunization is a defense at any age, but it's best to think about it before you start having sexual activity. the follow-up exams have been completed "- call the expert.Related articles on HPV:
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