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More can be claimed from CSOK

More can be claimed from CSOK

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In addition, you are eligible for the Family Creation Benefit after the government has decided to introduce more benefits.

More can be claimed from CSOK

This Katalin Novák Secretary of State for Family and Youth Affairs and Csaba DömцtörParliamentary Secretary of the Cabinet Office of the Cabinet of Ministers announced in a press briefing in Budapest on Tuesday. Csaba Dömmötör said: under construction you can determine eligibility so you do not have to wait for support to continue until the property turns into a corporate home. As he said, those who have so far rejected their claim on the basis of undivided public property may be able to obtain the CSOK by submitting their claims again. Katalin Novovk said: Can be up to 25 years old to consider children regardless of whether they are studying in higher education or not. So far, she said, a child up to 25 years of age could only be considered if she was in higher education, and only if she was only 20 years old. He added: a children of working age without any age you can take into consideration the need. We have also made it possible to buy CSOK for real estate sold from the so-called design table, as the real estate before it can be used.More Relaxation Now the fetus is less than 12 weeks old can be taken into account - instead of the previous 24 - on demand. This may apply, for example, to applicants over the age of 40 whose application has been denied so far.If a child loses all of their parents, you may need it CSOK, assuming it has been one year of custody.Also, they live in a service apartmentsuch as members of armed bodies or deceitful spirits, and they will not be subject to the obligations of the Inmate during this period - listed the State Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources as well. undivided public ownership of plots Buildings with private homes will also be eligible for the CSOK if the owners enter into a utility sharing agreement, meaning there is no need to publish the property in a public house. This, for example, is a way to help twin-owners with undivided common property. Another benefit is that There are also realities they are entitled to a check in the future, and that if the claimant is deceased, his or her direct cousin, spouse and life partner may acquire ownership of the gorgeous property, without having to repay the support. even more Hungarian families we can support home making. He added: In July, the number of accepted demands increased by 20 percent compared to the previous months, and by 16 percent more people were interested in. The first week of the year, 14,240 applications were filed for a total of $ 38.3 billion, he said. It also shows that homeownership is not diminished, Hungarian families have a lot of faith in the future, And so far, about $ 10 billion in submissions have been filed for reclaim requests. and, based on these, he decided to expand the need. In response to a request, the Secretary of State noted that more than 70,000 people were interested in the bank and were looking forward to it. It is expected that from 2017, the number of requests will be "up and running", as housing is a time-consuming process. the banks will then apply the new terms.


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