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Influenza: Can cause stomach upset in children

Influenza: Can cause stomach upset in children

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Further, the number of influenza cases increases, and more are in the intensive care unit. Many hospitals have a ban on visiting. 40 percent of influenza patients are children under the age of 15. They also have stomach upset.

Influenza: Can cause stomach upset in childrenMostly they seek medical attention for sudden high fever, limb and pain in the limbs, accident, and gout. Origo has asked a Franciscan home doctor, Jelinek Benjбmin, who highlighted the following about this year's influenza pandemic:
  • the most vulnerable are those who come to community, so children and active young adults, but vulnerable women include pregnant women and chronic patients (especially those with cardiovascular disease).
  • in children digestive problems, abdominal stomach also occurs
  • If you feel ill, you should go to a doctor, even if the flu is not an effective remedy, as you may have a serious infection due to infection such as pneumonia, facial congestion and diarrhea.
  • only symptomatic treatment for influenza: high fever can take flame retardant, headache pain reliever
  • if the disease lasts for weeks, it is always worthwhile to vaccinate because it will develop within two weeks
  • if someone becomes ill, they must stay at home and not get in contact with the flu until they become completely cured
  • bed rest and plenty of fluids are important
  • It is typical for an influenza virus this time that anyone who cures him or her for a long time still needs to go to the doctor for a fresh, non-mucus-like cold.
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