Banks have extended hundreds of billions of HUF baby loans

Banks have extended hundreds of billions of HUF baby loans

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Interest in baby loans is still significant, with banks asking for MTI more than hundreds of billions of dollars in officially supported baby loans.

Banks have extended hundreds of billions of dollars of baby loans (photo: iStock)At the request of MTI, from July 1 to October 28, OTP Bank's total liquidity reached HUF 151 billion, the number of demanded banks increased to more than 22,000, and the number of loans increased to 16,000. The average bid amount was $ 9.5 million.
The most important requests come to OTP from Budapest and the surrounding area, as well as from Northeast Hungary. About six thousand married couples applied for the state-sponsored baby-loan. Contributed loans amount to more than HUF 49 billion. The ьgyfelek цsszesen igйnyeltek HUF 56 milliбrd бllamilag tбmogatott kцlcsцnt, szбzalйkбt 37 in Budapest, 63 szбzalйkбt vidйki vбrosokban, tнzbхl nine ьgyfйl the maximбlis цsszeget, 10 milliу forintot.Az Erste tбjйkoztatбsa alapjбn the hбzaspбrok felkйszьltsйgйt indicates that the hiteligйnylйsek mindцssze 3 szбzalйkбt had elutasнtani, jellemzхen because the income of the claimants did not meet the legal requirements for being a responsible lender. "At Erste Bank, we expect the number of people interested in baby loans to remain high, with a total of $ 60 to $ 70 billion in foreign subsidies up to the end of the year," he said. The Bank provides baby dolls for free use by clients, they do not inspect their borrowings, nor do they request information about them. The launch of baby dolls, that is, on July 1st, MKB Bank has signed more than 600 contracts worth HUF 6 billion, the average loan amount is HUF 10 billion. . Here, too, the overcapacity of clients has reached the maximum loan demand of HUF 10 million, with the average loan amount of HUF 9.74 million over a 20-year term. Budapest Bank has concluded contracts with more than 1300 baby-dolls at a value of more than HUF 13 billion, and the amount carried forward has been around HUF 13 billion. Earlier loans do not constitute a barrier to termination if the combined provision of existing loans and newly purchased baby loans does not exceed the requirements of the Bank and the Bank's internal regulations. it will make the demand. The continuation of the loan amount typically takes place on the day following the signing of the contract. During the period from July to September 2019, K&H Bank received a loan of HUF 3557, in the amount of HUF 34.3 billion. The average loan amount requested is HUF 9.7 billion. The initial high level of interest has begun after the first two months, and at the moment the bank receives a new order worth about HUF 1.5 billion a week. The inquiries are well illustrated by the drop in traffic on the bank's website, where the baby loan sub-page is viewed at 45% of the initial visit and the baby-loan sub-page is at 23%.
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