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5 strange moles about getting pregnant

5 strange moles about getting pregnant

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Did you know that in 1875 people still had no idea how a baby was born? We collected the most interesting and funniest assumptions.

Sperms over the egg

1. Sperm are actually parasites

But not any parasites. It was not too old to believe that they were derived from organisms in lakes. In a medical report dating back to 1840, for example, tapeworms and other parasites were shown on the same scale as the seminal cells.

2. Breast milk is nothing but "purified" menstrual blood

Yes, this is very bizarre, but I really thought women's breasts were tied together in a tube. This assumption originally comes from the ancient Horns, and then he thought Leonardo da Vinci and that is why women who are pregnant are not menstruating.

3. The semen itself is part of the male brain

The persuasion of ancient horns led da Vinci to the conclusion that there were two "canals" in the seminal penis - one for urine, the other for sperm - and the spinal column and the brain.

4. It is not the parents who can thank the children, but God

All people are born to Earth Бdбm йs Йva are derived from the body. This was the scientific agreement between the 1600s and the 1800s, although they could not agree at all on whether males carry in their sperm the offspring of future generations, or their offspring.

5. Every drop of ondу treasure for the sake of a man's health

In the course of masturbation, ondу can be lost and even killed - according to doctors in the 1700s and 1800s. Well, no doubt, science has evolved a lot since then.They may also be interested in:
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