Dreams are true. Diabetes also

Dreams are true. Diabetes also

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It is important to know that the number of diabetics in Hungary has doubled in the last 12 years, so the burden of managing the disease is currently the biggest burden on health financing (in 2015 it was over 44.9 billion HUF).

Roche, as one of the world's leading medical companies, for more than a century, he has devoted himself to the invention, development, manufacture and distribution of new products and tools for health. The Hungarian book of the company attaches great importance to both patient education and preventive screening programs aimed at the early detection of diabetes and the dissemination of modern therapies. As part of their recent activity, they have produced a short film aimed at living with Type 1 diabetes and their relatives.The main message of the campaign is that you can live a full life with diabetes, And enlighten your childhood wisdom! The children in the movie, therefore, played the role of their dreams, their own future, on a real stage, individually created for them. The campaign was directed by Attila Till.

You do diabetes The essence of this is that the body's energy supply cannot be carried out by the body unintentionally due to the loss of insulin hormone, which guarantees glucose cell entry. Due to the lack of insulin, the cells of diabetic patients have no access to essential sugar for their survival, and the glucose excreted from the cells causes further damage to the body. Therefore, they should avoid both low and high blood sugar levels and help their cells to take up their blood sugar continuously. The ъn. Type 1 Diabetes Requires Continuous Insulin Purification, which results in a complete lifestyle change. As with most chronic illnesses, dialogue and awareness raising with those affected is very important. The film aims to show that insulin-dependent diabetes bars require life-long, regular glucose monitoring, and patients can live the same life as anyone else.
"For type 1 diabetes, it is especially true that the patient needs full cooperation, and in fact, he or she is more likely to be treated than his or her physician. In children, it is more difficult However, over time, a developing the right lifestyle can become part of your daily routine, and you can live a full life. Fortunately, today there are reliable blood glucose and insulin delivery systems available that can accurately and quickly carry out the daily meals and insulin injections needed. It is very important that diabetics and their relatives accept as soon as possible that this form requires new life style and greater self-discipline, while at the same time, childhood dreams and desires are as good as they can be -. The kids in the short film show this to all diabetics with the help of Tilla. - said Baba Freedom, head of Diabetes business at Roche Hungary Ltd.

Attila Till described the work with the children as very rewarding. Children and their parents have further strengthened the impression that diabetics are not given a disease, but rather a lifelong task, which allows us to use modern, modern therapy tools, so we wouldn't be scared, because I have the experience to handle it very well, so if my child had diabetes, I wouldn't even be frightened sick… I may not be called sick because diabetics do not need to be aware of their illness, but they need to be aware of their responsibility to manage this lifelong condition."Tilla said on the set. A family of three with children quickly solved the problem of cameras in children, and then put them on a serious teamwork task that naturally meant to be born as a child.
In the short film, the children honestly talk about their illnesses, their weekdays, about their lives - the rest of us play it, our responsibility is to see them as they really are;