Businesses can rely on lingering colds as well

Businesses can rely on lingering colds as well

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Too often we saw people looking around for ourselves. Not to mention the cold months raging flu streak that could make us want to go even further.

Businesses can rely on lingering colds as wellThe symptoms of colds and flu are often similar, but there are complaints such as business pain or high fever that let us know that it is not a simple death. But if we get rid of the more serious illness, that doesn't mean we don't have to deal with the symptoms, and that we get completely healthy on a few days. Why is it important for us to go to the doctor when we are sick? "If we have flu-like symptoms, it is completely natural for us to go to a specialist who can also treat her hair with a bacterial over-infection, or even practice antibiotics. Inhalation, nasal spray can be effective in many cases, and even the specialist will not advise you otherwise unless you consider it necessary. untreated cold can upset our business. This can all prolong the healing process, so it is advisable to consult with a specialist for treatment when symptoms occur, "he said. dr. Székely Йva, a specialist in the Bula-nasal Health Center at Buda Health Center.

What are the symptoms that indicate a more serious illness?

  • Changing nosebleeds to yellow or green
  • Increased pressure, tense sensation on face
  • Fejfбjбs
  • A strong cough stimulus
  • High, long lasting fever
  • Hallбscsцkkenйs
  • Fьldugulбs
  • Strong ears

What are the most common manifestations of mental illness?

The most common cause of a simple cold is facial inflammation and middle inflammation. Due to the viral infection, bacterial superinfection and inflammation may occur outside the nasal cavity in the face and forehead, and in the tendons of the ear. Because of the swelling of the nasal mucosa, the nasal passages, which provide an ideal breeding environment for inflammatory bacteria in a closed, humid space, are not properly treated.

What solution does the specialist recommend for treating the events?

  • antibiotic treatment
  • inhaled inhalation, in case of lower respiratory tract
  • using an infrared lamp, a warm pillow on the top and face
  • the use of dumbasses
  • swelling, nasal spray or nasal drops
  • Preventing flu, frequent washing, and ventilation are also important!
    "Regular sports Vбltozatos, vitamindъs tбplбlkozбssal, szьksйg esetйn vitaminkйszнtmйnyek szedйsйvel, egйszsйges йletmуddal йs erхsнthetjьk immunrendszerьnket that segнthet ellenбllуvб do szervezetьnket against tйli catarrhal megbetegedйsekkel. Igyekszьnk also Бm bбrmennyire, we can not always elkerьlni the megfбzбst or influenzбt. That kivйdhessьk serious szцvхdmйnyeket , stay home and ask for the help of a specialist in time, "the doctor added.
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