Special ultrasonic souvenir on the net

Special ultrasonic souvenir on the net

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True, creativity knows no borders. From these profound beliefs, you are sure to have a great life too!

Special ultrasonic souvenir on the netVeselka Bulkan (@catchtheinspiration), a Munich-born mother and mother-in-law, found a very special way for her toddler to make ultra-beautiful photos with her.

It is elaborately elaborate and beautiful

When she was pregnant with her first child, Veselka decided she would try out what it would be like to have a baby using ultrasound photography. As you can see from the Instagram post above, the experiment was successful enough. So much so that, after uploading the picture, in a matter of seconds, the emails of the queuing moms were sent a message asking them to think about it. " It does. "I've only done a couple of attempts so far, but now I'm just a little overwhelmed with the process." who wants something special, it will surely win the favor. (Delivered to Hungary) Further details can be found here.Related articles in Ultrasound:
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