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Nah, is this New Year's Eve 22?

Nah, is this New Year's Eve 22?

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Tnmea bit the ribbon on her little boy's arm, as it said: Tуth Tnmea is 22 years old.

The date of my baby's birth is set for September 23rd. My pregnancy was really trouble-free, so I felt there was nothing to prevent it from continuing anyway. That is, after the (hopefully short and lightly painful) after childbirth, exhausted, but happy to hear her cry, and then her baby on my breast calms down.
I went to CTG according to the specifications in Section II. Outpatient Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology. On Monday, I was expecting early duluth on 20th, as it was always good to feel my baby's vital signs at the exam. Lying on the bed, listening to my son's voice - this generic bam-bam - made me wonder what the moment would be to finally see the familiar tiny little owner. This Monday I talked to my doctor about coming back on Thursdays, as there was no sign of a near birth.
However, after switching on the instruments, I was alarmed to find that my familiar bam-bam was replaced by an irregular bim-bim. His nurse noted annoyingly that we were restarting the machine because the sensors were placed incorrectly. When, again, with the threatening bim-bim, my little boy informed me that he was not feeling well, he immediately called the doctor, who gave him a brief glance at the instruments, in agreement with his colleague, who immediately joined him. Without hesitation, I followed them from the outpatient department to the hospital, where they were anesthetized after the rapid shapes were completed.
My mother could first see my little son, who had the following written on the ribbon: "Tуth Tmea, 22 years old." Because of this urgent intervention, my mother was asked what my baby's name would be. My brother just arrived at the church when the little one was taken to the children's class. She quickly made a picture with her phone, and when I was pushed out of the room, she received me.
Our baby is developing wonderfully, and only a strange white wristband reminds us of his unusual birth.