They give you $ 10 million in support if you have 3 children

They give you $ 10 million in support if you have 3 children

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The state is giving tens of millions of dollars of non-refundable support to married couples who want to have three children within ten years, the minister in charge of the ministry said.

Top 3 kids get support for their new home

In addition to the non-refundable subsidy, the family home improvement allowance (chocolate), János Lazzar said, they could receive a further 10 million forints loan for families with three children, with a term of at least three years. when buying new homes, the support costs $ 2.6 million for two children, he added.
Also, those who have demanded chocolate or formerly so-called socpol, may be eligible for support reduced by the amount they have entered. Arrуl is still in the process of agreeing on the terms and conditions for those who are unable to fulfill their commitments to repay the support.
He also said that when buying new homes, the limits of square meter between the conditions of a chocolate bar were changed by only one child. The maximum age limit for applying will continue to be 40 years.
Lazzar János recalled that from January 1, from 27 per cent to 5 per cent, the rate of new apartment rental is up to 150 square meters and houses of 300 square meters. The government has added that from January 1 onwards, it will be possible to reclaim the VAT from 5 million forints.
As a reminder, the building licensing process is changing to an application for housing up to 300 square meters. By January 2016, a further building reform package will be prepared, which will also determine the size of the commercial buildings, which would be similarly less effective.
There is also a national sample design catalog that proposes ideas with a milky character, whether for education or crafting, that can be quickly and effectively enforced.
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