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Shifting endangers men's sexual life

Shifting endangers men's sexual life

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Men working multiple shifts, pay attention! According to two recent studies, sleep problems often lead to urinary problems and impotence.

And a third study has linked poor quality ondu to shifts, which can make it harder for these men to be father-in-law. "Men who work shifts, especially those who work at night, need to be aware of these risks in order to get the right medical help in time," said Dr. Alex Pastuszak, " that shift work can upset the circadian rhythm and with it the hormone system, "Pastuszak explained. "In addition, these people are particularly prone to different types of sleep disturbances, including insomnia or increased sleeplessness. and 27 fertile men were examined. "The termйketlen fйrfiak kцzцtt the mыszakban dolgozуk ondуjбban szбmlбltak szignifikбnsan fewer sperm in tцbbiekhez kйpest. According Vйlemйnyьnk the tъl much or tъl kevйs alvбs felborнtja the termйszetes cirkadiбn rhythm, which hatбsбra hormonбlis йs gйnexpressziуs vбltozбsok kцvetkeznek in which jбtszanak an important role in sperm kйpzйsйben. "In another two studies, responses to urinary complaints were collected from 2,500 men with the help of a questionnaire. "According to our results, people with multiple shifts who have sleep disorders have more severe urinary problems, often suffer from impotence, and are more likely to experience low levels of testosterone in patients." Urinary complaints include frequent urination, urgent urinary urgency, difficulty urinating, and nocturnal urination. They are most often hъgyhуlyag diszfunkciу or prosztatamegnagyobbodбs causes. "Szerettьk have felmйrni that the complaints mцgцtt mбs tйnyezх also бllhat to magyarбzatkйnt, нgy the fйrfiakat megkйrdeztьk the dohбnyzбsi йs alkoholfogyasztбsi szokбsaikrуl, depressziуs tьnetekrхl, sportolбsrуl йs egyйb egйszsйgьgyi problйmбikrуl well. The eredmйnyeink the mыszakos work causes most urinary problems, low sperm count and testosterone levels, "added Pastuszak.Dr. However, according to Dennis Auckley, an associate professor at Case Western Reserve University, the study can only be introductory. "Nehйz the mыszakos munkavбllalбs hatбsainak elemzйse, since this jelentйse to move szйles skбlбn, kьlцnbцzх working order йs free days Mбs tanulmбnyok not talбltak цsszefьggйst such munkavбllalбs йs worse ondуminхsйg kцzцtt.." Pastuszak However mйgis ellбtta tanбccsal this dolgozуkat to enyhнtsйk йs megelхzzйk their complaints: "It is worthwhile for these men to sleep regularly, sleep in the dark at night, avoid caffeine and alcohol immediately before going to bed, regulate their daily life, tablets, cell phones." American Urological Association Annual Meeting.