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You can improve the air quality of your home

You can improve the air quality of your home

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There are several reasons why we may not always feel fresh in the air in the spring afterwards. Dr. Magyar Donbt Aerobiologist at the Allergy Center in Buda has outlined how to improve indoor air quality.

You can improve the air quality of your home

Ventilate regularly!

If we йs korбn morning just kйsх evening йrьnk home kцnnyen megfeledkezhetьnk arrуl that lakбsban szellхztessьnk, and this legalapvetхbb mуdja to the felfrissнtsьk levegхt. The klнma hasznбlata can be megtйvesztх, as beбllнtбstуl be fьggхen that berendezйs circulated only belsх levegхt, нgy the same hыvцsebb yes, but it will not be fresher. For early ventilation, early morning urns are the best, with the lowest levels of contamination and pollen concentration. It is advisable to set a 5-10 minute crossover at this time, which can quickly change the air.

Plastic or traditional nails?

The mыanyag nyнlбszбrуknбl 1-2 szellхztetйs not elйg day. These are not the -ellentйtben hagyomбnyos ablakokkal- lйgmentesen zбrуdnak. The hagyomбnyos ablakoknбl zбrt бramlik also бllapotban the levegх, нgy approx. an urban air is replaced, which is important for the protection of our health. It constantly refreshes the air in the apartment, losing carbon dioxide, vapor, formaldehyde and many other things from furniture, cleaning products, etc. is a gaseous combustible substance. Mist does not precipitate, no mold develops. With the plastic nozzle, the air exchange is only effective if there is a vent or artificial ventilation. It is worth checking if this is the case. If not, consult a dental technician.

Plant in the home: an advantage or a disadvantage?

megkцtni levegх organic szennyezхanyagait, eg certain nцvйnyek segнtenek. formaldehyde, нgy tisztнtjбk the lakбs levegхjйt well. This target is especially effective for greenery, pointed-tip running, aloe, sail blossom and philodendron. Most of the houseplants have molds, but their spores are only released when the flowering surface is dry. Ezйrt regularly watered the legalбbb kйt nцvйnyeinket week. However, repopulation should not be carried out in the dwelling, but in open space, as the spores will become dehydrated. Remove scattered, fallen leaves from plants, as they contain allergenic fungi. Laboratory experiments confirmed that observing the above-described criteria did not increase the sporadic sporulation in the presence of houseplants.

Don't forget the air conditioner!

The klнmaberendezйsek tisztнtбsбt the nyбri hasznбlatot megelхzхen, respectively. should be done in the fall. We can ask for the help of a professional, or we can buy the necessary tools ourselves. The lйnyeg to carefully vйgezzьk the tisztнtбst йrdekйben to get rid of settled kнvьli idхszakban hasznбlaton penйszgombбktуl, baktйriumoktуl. Failure to do so may result in the exhaustion of stale air from the cookers, which can be a source of not only unpleasant but also serious respiratory illnesses.

Didn't you mean big cleanup?

Hidden mold is a problem in many households. Often only visszatйrх lйgъti betegsйgek suggest rб but allergiбsoknбl, asztmбsoknбl erode betegsйg tьneteit, csцkkenti the gyуgyszeres kezelйs hatйkonysбgбt if our home high in the allergйnek koncentrбciуja. It is also worth examining the hidden corners, especially the wash-basins, under-sinks, the shoes and the linen. Elhъzva the szobбban pushed szekrйnyt kьlsх the wall can be falvйdхt rйszьnk unpleasant meglepetйsekben, sхt the penйsz akбr tapйta during the gypsum wall mцgцtt also felьtheti the fejйt. Йrdemes aerobiolуgus kйrni segнtsйgйt professionals who know the hidden helyszнni mintavйtellel azonosнtani szennyezхforrбsokat, and also that the proposal may йs problйma hatйkony kezelйsйre against what penйszgomba бllunk species.

Spoiled food

Inappropriately stored vegetables and fruits in the home can easily become bloomed, which is often only known when researching the source of the odor in the home. The йtelmaradйkok can cause unpleasant meglepetйseket this megelхzendх, йrdemes regularly takarнtani the hыtхt, brought down the garbage йs бtnйzni teenage children iskolatбskбjбt, szobбjбt. Store the fruits or fruits in a refrigerator or refrigerator, unless otherwise required, buy them in smaller quantities, and consume them as soon as possible! Onions and potatoes on the skin, in particular, have a lot of molds. These germs are eliminated in the course of homecoming. This can be prevented by immersing these greens in water before making them.

Dust everywhere?

On the furniture, you can see that a few thin dusts appear on the furniture a couple of days after cleaning. This is not the case with other household items, as well as bedding, mattresses, carpeting and carpets that are dusty and provide a great place to stay for allergy sufferers. This elkerьlendх, minimalizбljuk the szхnyegek szбmбt the lakбsban, washed with бgynemыt бt idхnkйnt 60 degrees, the mattress йs the padlуt also ellбtott high teljesнtmйnyы HEPA szыrхvel kйszьlйkkel porszнvуzzuk йs if йpp kanapй exchange elхtt бllunk, consider the bхr coated textilbхr material vбltozat vбsбrlбsбt . For mattresses, we use dense, lightweight, lightly washable mattress covers.

The less nйha tцbb

It is understandable that we want our homes to be clean and fresh, but strong chemicals and fragrances can contain many substances that are harmful to our health. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), fragrances, and toxic organic compounds can also cause breathing problems, allergies, and asthma. When purchasing detergents, check the list of ingredients and try to choose a composition that has fewer problematic ingredients. It is also worth trying out natural remedies when cleaning (Source: Buda Allergy Center)Related articles in this topic:
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