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Several women have admitted to having abolished the abortion ban

Several women have admitted to having abolished the abortion ban

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Hundreds of Moroccan women have admitted in a brochure that they have defied the country's strict abortion ban.

In a document released in the Moroccan press on Monday, which is directed against the country's "unfair and maradic" laws, 490 women have reported being pregnant or abstaining from labor. The subordinates also acknowledged that they were engaged in extra-marital sex.Several women admit to being abused for abortion (photo: iStock) "A Culture of Lies and Social Professionals Conveys Violence, Intolerance, and Intolerance" - Read the document by co-author Ledla Slimani French-Moroccan нrуnх. Laws were instruments of political and personal revenge, they said in the book.Szonia Terrab filmmaker, who was also in the middle of the document, told AFP's French office that the book was written by women from all corners of the world: teachers, bank employees, Hajar Raissani marokkуi ъjsбgнrуnх trial, he azйrt бllнtottak bнrуsбg elй because hбzassбgon was kнvьli sexually-orientated relationship, йs terhessйgйt the orszбg tцrvйnyeibe ьtkцzх mуdon szakнtotta contemplated herein marokkуi tцrvйnyek bьntetik kнvьli the hбzassбgon sex йletet, csakъgy as abortion, which is only available veszйlyeztetйse esetйn the mother йletйnek In Morocco, experts estimate that 600 to 800 illegal abortions are performed daily. Last year, 73 women were killed for having an abortion forbidden, and thousands were punished for having sex outside the home. Another 170 people went to court for their homosexuality.
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