Tips to Sleep Better in the Third Trimester

Tips to Sleep Better in the Third Trimester

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Do you wake up many times at night? Are you having trouble falling asleep? Relax, you're not alone. Many pregnant mothers are struggling with similar problems when they become pregnant. But with our tips, you'll be guaranteed a more restful sleep!

Our sleep tips will help you too

Complete your sleeping bag

When you feel like you are tied to a tummy tucker, it is relatively difficult to find a comfortable position for sleeping - this is what we will discuss. But do not give up the ruse! Position it with the curves bent on your left side. Put a pillow under your tummy and another between your squares. Maybe - once you've got your breastfeeding pad - take it between your two legs and take a second. Have as many cushions as you can find and cuddle yourself. Don't think about it!

Reduce the night washbasin

As your baby descends downward and presses your bladder vigorously, the baby may be moving into your second home in the last trimester. If you want to reduce nighttime piss attacks to a lesser extent, try in the evening 6-7 utбn not so much. Divide the daily volume of 2-3 liters of liquid more throughout the day. It can also help a lot by eliminating caffeine-containing beverages (coffee, black tea, cola) from the transient.

Eliminate the factors that make it more difficult for you to sleep

Izomgцrcs: Foot fever frostbite is quite common at the end of an excitement, which of course, when it rises its head at night, most often during the night. Therefore, we recommend that you exercise your feet and exercise before you fall asleep, as this can greatly reduce the risk of discomfort for the younger person. If you wake up, massage this area a bit or apply warm compresses to it. It is also a good solution to avoid thick coverings, as the weight of this may make the symptoms of seizure more severe.Horkolбs: 30% of women snore during pregnancy because of swollen nasal swells, which is not necessarily music for your ears (and possibly even for your poodle), and can also disturb your resting sleep. Put extra cushion under your head! If snoring is very intense and you feel very tired during the day, talk to your doctor as it may indicate something more serious (sleep apnea).GyomorйgйsA: Many mothers complain of stomach pain, which often disturbs sleep at night. If you are one, try to avoid overly spicy, fried and sour foods. Eat smaller portions and thoroughly eat the food. Before going to bed, with a little urine, you shouldn't mind. Or, it can help if you raise your head a little with an extra pillow.Restless Legs Syndrome: It often occurs during pregnancy, but after birth, it ceases to exist. restless legs syndrome. In this case, the expectant mother experiences a strange, tingling sensation in the legs, which makes her feel ready to move her. As a result, the symptoms suddenly disappear, but they start again soon. What can help: Avoid caffeine drinks and folic acid (baby need 600-800 micrograms a day)! Also make sure you have adequate iron intake. According to a study, iron deficiency plays an important role in the development of restless legs syndrome. In the same way as foot pods, this strange effect is exacerbated by lying under a heavy, thick quilt.insomnia: Most pregnant mothers sometime during their pregnancy (mostly in the 3rd trimester) encounter this problem. In these cases, it is often reported that the baby is also exercising vigorously, which the mother naturally wakes up to, and may not be able to fall back asleep. little priests!) or a little exercise before bedtime can help with relaxation. If you are having trouble waking up at night, rather than having a long spin, get out of the room and read a nap, or have a good nap. If you finally fall in love again, get back to bed. If nothing else helps, think of the problem as a prepared course for your baby to arrive after bedtime.Related Articles:
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