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Oh, just don't spoil it!

Oh, just don't spoil it!

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Most of us look at parenting with great determination! But what should we do to turn our ideas into currency? Is it worth sticking to plans?

It is only through practice that it comes to light whether the preconceived principles work

Then, in practice, you will find out if the principles you have in mind are working. It's not just up to you how the weekdays unfold. Notice how the baby comes into being, and flexibly develop the "rules" that work for the whole family. The first year is the era of evolution in the United States. During this time, the usual routine changes, sometimes the rhythm of a little sleep or eating changes from one day to another. Take the development ladder down and adjust to the new level, don't try to stick to the agenda so far!


If you are unsure about what you are doing right, consider who is interested in it. In the long run, it will not be a good solution if you keep only the little or just your own comfort in mind.

Watch out, trap!

You can avoid it, of course, even if you don't succeed. So: you better not do something,
- to avoid clutter or scenes
- because you'll be alone sooner and easier
- to be a "good mom" and love the little one
- because conscience wins because of the small amount of time spent together,
- because you don't want to get together with your mother, father
- because others do the same.More articles in this topic:
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