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7 signs that you have too much stress

7 signs that you have too much stress

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Does your family get too much stress? The following 7 signs indicate that something is wrong and it is time to create harmony in your home and your life.

Too much stress is good for no one

We have to deal with countless sources of stress, day by day, from bedbugging to eating food. Parents' lives are not easy, but we must remember that our frustrations have an ubiquitous effect on our children. If the once-feared houses are full of loud shouting, shouting, dehydration and one-word answers, then it's time for you to change. helps with this. Find out what the most important signs of so much stress are, and how to deal with them.

1. Nobody sleeps

One of the most typical symptoms of high stress levels is бlmatlansбg. You have trouble falling asleep because your mind is up late, anxious, worried. What are you doing? Put the kids to bed at bedtime, buy a relaxing hot bath, drink camomile tea, and go sleep at bedtime.

2. Shout with each other

The more stress you are exposed to, the more you shout at each other in the family. Open your eyes and your eyes. What Causes Stress? Try to calm down, instead of shouting, silence and listen. Breathe in, take the time to shout and punish your children.

3. Someone misses dinner

The sad truth is, if you and your partner are stressful and anxious, older kids are better off not having dinner than just having to have a bad conversation. A nice gamer can help: Everyone has to give one of their family members something nice on a piece of paper, throw the papers in a basket, put the basket on the dinner table. When you eat, everyone should take a paper and read what's on it. THE beeches, praise create a pleasant atmosphere at the table.

4. The children retreat

The little ones just stay away from their parents, the bigger ones like they can also enter their own room in the sun, if they feel they are not at ease in the environment that surrounds them at home. The solution may be to talk. Talk to your children a lot. More. Talk to us a lot. And show me an example. If you are nervous, feel free to tell me you are tense right now, so buy a hot bath. If you say how you feel, they will also open up. And try to prevent stress. Get healthy, exercise regularly, think positively, have a good example.

5. You are doing poorly at your workplace

Do you miss the border? Did you mess up your presentation? It's all because of stress you are unable to concentrate. If you leave your home nervously in the morning, you need to act: make the evening calmer, so you wake up better in the morning and finish the day more positively.

6. You're not in the public eye

The age did not count, the chronic stress body symptoms. Children complain of headaches, stomach pains, and nightmares. In adults, stress is often manifested in shoulder, neck, and back pain. And sleeping problems. If the whole family is overwhelmed, tense, no wonder about many illnesses. Get together healthy, move around every day, and make social programs. Come play or watch a movie together.

7. I always run

Running from one program to the other? Do not stress. Breathe in, count to 10, and spend 2 minutes of post-school training rather than forgetting your child's soccer field at home. Maybe you do a lot of things one day? Maybe you shouldn't think about what you really have time for and what you don't. Kids do not have to go to school after school every single day, even if they choose and complete just one or two hobbies. There is also a need for rest. And not just for them, for you. When a be together and relax!Related Articles:
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