Do I have to eat two if I'm pregnant?

Do I have to eat two if I'm pregnant?

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Is the consequence of a dietary disorder just that they are afraid of being pregnant? Or is it true that you have to eat instead of two now?

If we weigh it in our early life, it's clear what a baby is supposed to do: eat, eat and eat as long as you have what. Because the good times are coming when fat content will be the end of the fat. The advanced continuous jellemzх orszбgokra tбplбlйktъlkнnбlatban jуl do, however, if the tъllйpsz хsi reflex, but you have already azйrt, because almost нgy йszrevйtlenьl many veszйlyes the egйszsйget hosszъ tбvon alббsу йtelt fogyaszthatsz.Jelenleg ъgy tartjбk that mбsбllapot up to 300 daily kalуria tцbbletet igйnyel , it is only the second trimester of pregnancy, and of course only those who do not eat much more in advance. Obviously, for example, a person who has eaten a meal on a daily basis should reduce the dose rather than increase by another 300 calories.

You don't have to eat two instead

How much can I get?

First of all calculate your pre-pregnancy BMI (Body Mass Index) with the help of an online calculator. Those expecting twins have a higher sense of normalcy. Start with most of this data, but keep in mind: more than half of the little ones bring less or more here, so individual differences can be very important. In case of doubt, consult a dietitian, and more research has been done in recent years, and has yielded remarkable results. One is that fetuses that have a significant risk of becoming pregnant have a greater chance of developing diabetes and diabetes; During pregnancy, a child of a mother who is pregnant will be more prone to conception, as she develops signs throughout her development that "teach" her body the importance of storage.

Why is it wrong to get more than what I need?

For the reasons listed above, you may also expect that a baby will be born with more than average weight, and in some cases due to the risk of overweight. It is also true that an overweight baby is more likely to have gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension.This problem is overwhelming Excessively high levels of carbohydrate in the diet It is also responsible that the useful nutrient content (such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals, valuable fats) in the average diet is certainly well below ideal. This should not be counteracted by taking vitamins during pregnancy, but by eating a healthy diet and eating.

Simple but effective changes

Here are a few tips to help you lose weight, but to make your transition a lot healthier!
  • Limit your consumption of bread, croutons, potatoes, pasta, rice. Instead, a lot of raw salads, fruits. Don't use sugar, honey at all.

  • Avoid foods that are low in vitamin C for high calorie content. Eat something that your body really needs! For example: freshly pressed fruit or greens instead of grilled meat, grilled meat instead of grilled meat, cold oiled vegetable oils instead of heat, no heat treatment.

  • Increase the fiber content of your diet to keep your digestion working well, not to fluctuate your blood sugar levels, or to starve you too soon. For example: oat bran with raw fruits and yoghurt, green salad in large portions, whole wheat flour bread.

  • One to five times a day, each time in small quantities, at rest, without rush.
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