Grafting or Grafting?

Grafting or Grafting?

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Are we better able to protect the muscles of the thigh when it is extended during the extension phase or if we try to keep it in place?

There are few birth requests in which we can come across as distinctly different opinions as the barrier and the barrier. We do not intend to do justice. Medical experience, scientific results are all over the table. However, women are definitely confronted with this request, at least when they enter the living room. Let's start with the World Health Organization's recommendation that "The use of a gauge is generally not warranted. Bleeding should be used as an alternative method. "This means that if the interest of the mother or the fetus does not make it necessary, then the section should be avoided. However, it is very different to what is the fetus's precious.

What can we count on here at home?

In Hungary, women are almost always successful at this first birth. All births are based on a large purchase 80-90 percent incision is performed. (61 percent in English hospitals and only 8 percent in the Netherlands.) There are usually two reasons for supporting domestic medical practice, which we share with one of the translators in one of our obstetrics departments.1. The baby's preciousNatural processes are not always perfect, so this intervention is required. During the expulsion phase, the skull of the fetus is surrounded by the vaginal wall and the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are "tufted" like each other, like an elastic rubber cap stretching over the fetus's head. It does not matter how long this strong pressure lasts. If prolonged, the cranial pressure inside the skull will also increase, which will eventually lead to the closure of the veins and then to the development of a bleeding. The longer this problem persists, the more brain cells die. In more severe cases, obstruction of the abdominal distension or pressure on the skull can also cause stroke. First, this "rubber cap" is coming out, so it's pretty tight. However, in the case of overweight newborns, this intervention is not absolutely necessary.2. A pregnant mother's nameExperience has shown that women do not care how long their pelvic fins have been exposed. This can lead to inadequacy, pelvic, vaginal, and endocrine disorders of the pelvic floor, with subsequent urinary and dysrhythmia. If the barrier ruptures spontaneously, according to the home care professional, in many cases it is difficult to sew and more difficult to heal. Fistulae and infections are also more common. Gauging is a very small risk procedure if performed by a qualified technician.

Female section of female section

In Hungary, there are almost no mothers who have had at least one cut. Most of all is considered to be the "natural" part of birthas well as the associated minor or major pain. For most women, the inconvenience caused by giblets is much less significant than the cold that is caused by the birth of a child. Others believe, however, that stitching and subsequent sewing are interventions that cause unnecessary pain, and at the same time call into question their parenting abilities.Krisztina he wanted to give birth without any intervention. When choosing a doctor and a nurse, the main consideration was that they both had a great deal of practice in breast cancer. The first baby boy at 3150 grams was born in a horseshoe-shaped baby. Although he received oxytocin during the buttering because regular and severe dyspnea did not begin spontaneously after the cracking, no further intervention was required.

There are those who specifically insist on security

The midwife is always giving birth in the midst of a twenty-minute stretch, when not to press. There was a small crack that was sewn together in a couple of stitches. The healing took only two weeks, after which it seemed as if the pain had taken place. The baby was a kilo heavier now, but this time there was no cracking and no intervention was needed. All of the children were in excellent condition, and neither had Christ before or after any complaints. His tissues and closures were fully restored in the weeks after birth. Would х be the rare exception? Kriszta wondered what it was like to avoid a cut. And they have done everything in their power to succeed.

What hurts you the most?

It is perhaps not by chance that psychologists first began to examine the consequences of this intervention and suggested that barrier incision can make the meeting with the baby new, can cause disruption in women's relationships because of the sensitivity of the barrier to sex.Sheila Kitzinger English psychologist first called attention to the fact that for many women this is one of the most serious pains of birth. A 1984 study found that more than a quarter of women found pain in the stomach to be painful or very painful, and this rate was sixty percent of them having sexual intercourse indicated that they had pain. Similarly, it is interesting that women who did not have a cut incision, but who had self-rupture, also had a more positive experience. touching the pads gбtrepedйs may also occur. For this reason, the majority of Hungarian obstetricians are keen to routinely perform a surgical incision because they want to reduce the probability of the infiltration to zero. However, breast surgery alone is not a guarantee that the severe crack will be broken by the expectant mother.

True trust can help

In many cases, the incision is more of a consequence Nyulas Jolбn, the birthplace of St. Imre Kuhrbaz. "It does not matter how much attention the person who is present at the birth attends to the butter woman." If we accept that the human body is not independent of the psyche, then we can assume that women whose needs are fulfilled are much better at birth, endorphins are released, and that is why It also helps to relax the musculoskeletal system.If you really work with a woman in need, not just by acting on it, you can build real confidence. In my experience, there is rarely a real reason for a cut when it is really necessary for the fetus to be in bad condition or for your maternal tissue is not too tight. After each concussion, the baby's voice is measured, but a barrier incision can only be considered justified if the sound of the fetus is sustained. In such cases, there is a real need to get rid of the barn. The barrage defense should not start in the living room, but much more. From week 37, I have been recommending essential oil massage and homeopathic remedies to help with gut perfection. It is very important that those who are present in the parenting should really try to breastfeed, including the little baby itself. the headaches, because there is plenty of pressure that the bee makes. In the meantime, we continue to massage our buttocks. The pelvic floor muscle slows down so as to avoid cracking. If it looks like it will come, your doctor will perform an incision. Dr. Zsolt Bardуczy also a baby girl confirms the positive experiences of her direct colleague. He also emphasizes that it is only in a calm, cooperative atmosphere that one can work towards the protection of the barrier. - . - To do this, we need to be ready for birth during pregnancy. If that happens, the butterfly will not want to get out of this situation, but will be able to relax and release her child in the advanced stage. not the barrier is opposed to the barrier, but the military parenting with a type of birth control that has either a barrier end or a smaller, central block. This type of intervention should only be done at the last minute, when you can see that the gate will crack anyway. In this case, we make a small cut that causes much less pain and inconvenience. In the first birth, we manage to avoid the cut in thirty percent. However, you almost never need it when you need it. However, it is important to know that all this involves working with your baby. It is a mistake to leave a woman alone during childbirth, to take the time to finally have a beautiful baby. Help her, give her support, so that she can be relieved. If the doctor guides the baby through military discipline, this will almost always lead to a barrier incision, increasing the density of the barrier, for example, by encouraging the doctor to press. Expression, i.e., pressure on the abdomen, is not an intervention to protect the barrier. According to the textbook vacuum and caudal stenting is requiredHowever, in my practice, after the use of a vacuum, things went natural and did not need to be cut. I can tell you that most of the children I live with are very small, with a pelvic floor without a cut. Oxytocin infusion also accelerates the birth process, but it is not a cause of obstetrics in itself. Only when given to the fetus in the wrong rhythm, and effective will the pregnant mother become exhausted and impatient. possible posture. But most of the time it's enough to just sit in the corner and quietly watch the buttered woman.

Can I bypass the incision?

The following points can help you in your response:
reduces the likelihood of successful dam protection
+ Increases the probability of successful birth control
lying down in the undergraduate course
+ Gynecologist with extensive practice in nursing
+ a woman who has a lot of practice in bodyguard
when the baby is raised in the postgraduate course to push
oxytocin infusion in the postgraduate course
if the doctor is putting pressure on the forearm when extending the womb
if the butter is anxious
+ Posture similar to squatting
+ a posture that you choose when you are pushing for comfort
+ if a large percentage of women in the chosen hospital are born with a barrier
+ Good progress in birth
- assist the fetus with a vacuum or a tooth
+ good fetal voices
+ Mature fetus
+ Cephalopod fetus
Scarring of previous section (scarred, poorly developed muscle tissue)
+ second or multiple births

Quotes from "The Art of Birth" from the book:

"The end result is not only that our gut is broken, but that our child is born for what we're dying for. In the midst of violence, violence does not seem white and black. "If nothing has accelerated the concussion, as is the case with oxytocin, then the baby will not end or break the wall."
"The way you feel it, you have to squat, is nothing more than a sensation, and the result is that it helps the pelvis and the barn become fuller."Related Articles:
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