My stick is sticking to me

My stick is sticking to me

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How does a normal one year old behave? Do only the favored baby lie on their mother?

My stick is sticking to me

We start a chat with the favored kids in chat. Answering Judit Szхdy is a psychologist. Here's an interesting letter. Dear Judit, I ask for your help regarding the behavior of my one-year-old boy. For example, I can't sit at my desk, because then he wants to be there right away. I don't have to play with it on the carpet, I just have to be there to complain about it (I never knew the car before). Is it normal or engrossed because we haven't been accustomed to playing alone? How long should you be alone for so long? We have an American kitchen in a small apartment, so in my worst case, I'm two meters away. Unfortunately, I can't smear a buttery bread because it immediately rubs my pants. It doesn't go down in the play. Grabs it, throws it away. She grabs another and throws it away, and then comes the aforementioned pants. How do we get used to playing games? If Peti wants to get an item, he'll take it out loud until he gets it. If I tell him not to, he'll take me louder and won't give up. I guess this is the epitome of the age. Or is the promotion already? But to such extent? How can I stop this? So far, verbally, I have not been successful. If I hide it, you won't stop it.If someone else is close to me, I don't need him. After awakening, for example, it jumps out of my hands into the hands of her father, grandma, and doesn't let me take it back. Shouldn't you stick with your mother instead? In the playhouse, I don't even think it was hurrying, he goes to a foreign stranger (I never left you, I was always by her side.) I would like to thank you first.
AdriennDear Adrienn, It is quite natural for a single-year-old to never get out of hand, and almost always loves to be in the body and the body, and that's fine. In toddler days, a toddler could only be safe if a grown-up (or older children) could help him or her with a single move, because there were no safe conditions like today. In so many cultures today, the XXI. For centuries, it is natural for a child to always buy and take away from his parents, he does not have to play outside, but gets to know the things parents and older children use. In most cultures, even if we do not include to keep the little ones out of our house, on the ground, in the living quarters of adults, or to spend time with the bigger kids, we never have to stay in the pockets of the night, we don't take it into consideration, either we think it's okay with your baby if you don't want to be alone, he doesn't want to play alone, dive into activity for a long time. That's just normal.Also, we're asking you for some freedom. Many mothers are still in their pajamas during the day and don't get to breakfast because their kids spend every minute. This is not good either, because the little one does not learn that he sometimes has to rinse out for a minute or two. But most of all, it's not good because moms just get angry and get depressed by this incredible application. So the whole point is that do not think that you have lured your child, because he can not play alone. Your child is perfectly normal. Also, it is normal for you to smear bread and whip your tooth in between. Don't stop preparing your food, no problem if you get irritated. fall asleep.The answer to your last request is that the child MUST NOT stick to anyone. Йppen that's why you're so happy to be away because you feel safe, and knows you can count on trouble.Ьdv: Judit
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