To develop? Mindenбron?

To develop? Mindenбron?

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Do you need to develop babies, toddlers? Zsuzsanna Vajda was asked about psychology, who has been dealing with this topic for many years.

To develop? Mindenбron?Before you enter the main call words into the search engine, the information will flow. Almost a it is possible to develop a child from a fetal age, to teach, to prepare for the future. Special motion development, smart programs based on brain research results, lessons, language learning… the line is almost endless. One of them in common: English. An English that targets every parent. You don't get your head out when you hear that you can get more out of your baby? all this is expensive. Only those who have heard it and how it is known know that cars, houses are sold because children with mental and physical disabilities bring their ills. But "development" also offers countless opportunities for perfectly healthy toddlers - often that developmental phases are referred to as abnormalities.
Zsuzsanna Vajda A psychologist, a university professor, briefly comments, "The business." "There is no exact timetable for the development of children," says the expert. - "I call myself psychobiznis a for the development of children, baby English, toy developer, smart devices. I am amazed that playmakers pretend to have an exact timetable for what a child should do at a certain age. And of course, the players will help with that. Although it is true that there are stages of development, they move in a very wide range over time, and the way in which each stage is completed is, in many ways, unintentional. Numerous components influence how you get up, when you start, and how you balance it.
In the first three years, parents should pay attention to the fact that children should have room to move, let your baby be on time to crawl. No matter if you miss out on cooking or hunting, or if you miss half-way - we can consider this superstition as a city legend. Each child's development reaches the same goal in other ways. There is no research data to suggest that this could cause any harm to anyone.
I experience that it is a kind of mystical code around movement development has evolved, which is part of the development business. Message messages are distributed by parents on the other side, many on the Internet, and a large number of readers feel that this is generally the opinion of professionals, where the information comes from.
I myself believe that Five to six years old is unnecessary teaching children in an organized way, except for one or two sports such as cycling. Nor is it true that everything is spent in childhood. There are a lot of effects on a child, and the world changes fast. The child's future is not about how much they developed in their infancy and what school they started at.
The most important thing a parent can do is watch, love the child and let them lead. If the music is above, then the music. If it's over the numbers, it's over the numbers, but only in the numbers that match the age. "