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Why does the little one ask?

Why does the little one ask?

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How Long Does the Effect of Breastfeeding Last? Is it conceivable to prevent pregnancy in another year-old child? The parent answers.

I breastfeed my other baby, I don't really want to quit, but I suspect that may be the reason I don't get pregnant. It is true that my menstrual period is not reversed, but I know that breastfeeding is effective only if the baby is younger and exclusively breastfeeding. How can we help you with natural methods to help your baby?During breastfeeding it is not so easy to overcome the signs of fertility, but it is true that breastfeeding such a child does not necessarily mean conception. If you experience egg white fluids and feel thicker, stronger the wall of the vagina, indicating strong estrogen production. However, it is not possible to deduce from these signs when or if there will be a general crack.

Why does the little one ask?

You will only know this later: if you have had a follicular crack but your egg has not become fertile, you will have menstruation. Because you may become pregnant shortly before your first menstrual period, you should pay special attention to signs of pregnancy, flabby nausea, frequent peeing, and sensitive nipples. And what can you do to help? In my experience, environment change and vacation is an opportunity that breaks the weekday routine and promotes ovulation and conception.
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