When will Breastfeeding End?

When will Breastfeeding End?

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When does a baby stop breastfeeding? Can this process be delayed until the very beginning of school? We collected the reasons for differentiation among children of different ages.

Hmm, they're so good

"I felt like my baby was breastfeeding a little from the start. I was crying a lot, I think he was hungry. so when she was just a month old, she only got formula, he didn't accept my breasteven though my milk would have been enough. " M. BgiExperience of the Breastfeeding Council: Initial difficulties make many mothers insecure. Because they do not know the needs of the newborn currency, such as being almost non-stop breastfeeding and handy, the situation is interpreted to mean that milk is not enough, you have to wait. Unfortunately, breastfeeding started in the first six weeks, in many cases, leads to a complete rejection of breastfeeding over time. You need to suck milk from your breast, and glass from your milk. Because mom is always nervous about breastfeeding and baby bottles bring comfort, the baby's decision is clear: she doesn't want to breastfeed more!

Eight to ten months old

"Zoee was very pleased with the solid foods. She tasted everything and ate the portions, and I couldn't give her enough. Three or so weekly we missed a baby because she didn't want to breastfeed again after the fruit. When I was breastfeeding in the morning and evening, I felt her enthusiasm waning. he turned his head when I tried. I was thinking seriously about breastfeeding until the age of two, as recommended by the World Health Organization. I wanted to, but my daughter decided to do it. " J. Kinga

How long do you breastfeed? As long as both of you are good

Experience of the Breastfeeding Council: Zoé received too much solid food soon enough and instead of breast milk. When introducing solid foods, the correct way to do this is to give the baby a suckling supplement. This is only possible in the order that you breastfeed and afterwards, and eat as much as you need to breastfeed. It is rare that a baby stops It is recommended to breast-feed until one year of age, if the baby's milk remains firmly established. Zoé lost interest because of the thinness of the breasts the amount of breast milk has decreasedand, indeed, he had to look forward to the dairy reflex. And for an exploration-hungry crowd, there's no time!

They're old

"Christopher didn't accept any solid food until eight months old. Then he began to cook slowly, but he kept sucking with enthusiasm. After one year, when he had six claws, he suddenly became very pleased with his meal. she wanted to taste, and she ate and ate a lot of everything. She had to be lured more and more. BettiExperience of the Breastfeeding Council: It is common for good-to-eat kids to eat and eat less and less frequently. You might find it interesting to have a variety of innovations, meals, and other forms of fun that the barbecue offers. They could still suck up to ten times a day, but there are many young children who do so under these conditions he doesn't want it, he even finds it boringbecause it prevents her from constantly exercising. It is especially common when breastfeeding had the most nutritional function, that is, just to comfort or sleep her, she was not breast-fed. Christopher simply went from one form of eating to another, while he continued to desire other forms of consolation.

Two years old

"Shortly after two years of age, we have been breastfeeding for two reasons: either because Soma asked or because I thought I'd try to breastfeed, for example, I wanted to sleep and sleep, if I wanted to sleep easily and quickly, or just to have a calm, smooth conversation with my husband. almost every day when I started to feel like you had to quit slowly, I did not do it, but I gradually stopped the initiative. it happened, but luckily he didn't miss it. Soma, however, had been breastfeeding for three months, at first, more often because she was accustomed to breastfeeding in certain ceremonies, but then asked for it only in the evening. I don't know why she finally gave up on this, but she hadn't breastfeeded two and eight months ago. " D. JuditExperience of the Breastfeeding Council: In the case of Soma and Judit, the divorce was really ideal and progressive. Breastfeeding food and comfort were also important for little boys, and as she grew older, she was less and less in need. In their example, it seems good that there are two. The process was initiated subtly and almost imperceptibly by the mother, who had not smelled Somat. He just took the page. In a family where the little child is balanced and loving, he does not feel that he wants to get rid of him it goes almost unnoticed separation.Also read these:
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