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4 steps to the beautiful birth

4 steps to the beautiful birth

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What are the conditions that best help to keep the miracle alive, to help our child to take the world? We asked for your opinion of our specialist in maternity leave.


In the bedroom it is the fear of the unknown that causes the greatest uncertainty. Those who come in tense will find it much more difficult to bear their pain of parenting. You have to consciously prepare for childbirth and stop the pain. If we know that every congestion will advance the birth process, every painful spasm of the baby helps the birth of our baby, then the whole process is not harmless, but deliberately died in the fight for the baby.

Security and trust

In addition it is important to be pregnant feel safe. This is most likely to be based on the confidence of the obstetrician, the obstetrician and the hospital. Given that the physiological aspect of childbirth, the practitioner does not really need to interfere in natural processes. However, it is your job to pay attention to safety. This way, the mother can be more liberated in the moments of childbirth. In addition, it is important that trust your body, and be aware that the fight will be a fantastic and unrepeatable end.

Do you have to hurt?

You may be wondering if your mother needs to decide in advance of your birth pain. Of course, it is worthwhile to look ahead, as the options available at birth institutions vary. Let us also listen to the opinion of the doctor leading the birth. The most important thing, however, is freedom of choice, meaning that the pregnant mother can decide at the most serviceable moment whether she is seeking pain relief. It is an excellent way to give birth pain relief in a hands-on way. Its essence is that it transiently disables the excitatory function of nerves that play a role in the development of pain in the spinal cord. However, it only affects the sensory nerves of the uterus, and has no effect on the automatic contraction, so it has little or no effect on the birth process.

It's harder alone!

Dr. Győrgy Szхnyi

At the time of the true birth of a child, it is fortunate to have a spouse, the father of the child to be born. From the initial talks to massaging the waist to the cord, there are countless tasks to do. test and soul tбmaszt means superfluous, comrade. That's when the family is born. The kйt emberbхl the fйrfi йs the nх szerelmйbхl, beteljesьlt kapcsolatбbуl megszьletх small йlet tehбt also the jцvх zбloga йs szimbуluma egyben.Fйrfitбrsaimnak I would recommend is to take bбtran rйszt szьlйsfelkйszнtх of course, the aztбn apбs szьlйsen, meglбtjбk, megismйtelhetetlen йlmйnyben will rйszьk !

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