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"Hey puppy, the stock is up!" - Music lesson for the youngest

"Hey puppy, the stock is up!" - Music lesson for the youngest

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We all know children's songs, rhymes, but there are few who can apply them in the daily lives of young children. Music vocabulary can help, baby-music accustomed to the first step.

The rhythm of Kosboy

Music in the Small Hall of the Pestъjhelyi Public House: the scene first commemorates a fancy baby show. Nine toddlers are sitting, carpeting, carpeting with nine young moms - kidding, laughing, chattering women. But Munika Misharsh, the leader of the occupation, is in no doubt; She sings a melodious tone, which the moms only reciprocate with only a smile and a caress. "Morning, Dani!", "Morning, Mackу!" - And the job has just begun. In fact, something else is about to begin: the socialization, socialization, and music education of just grown-ups from infancy. What's great for them is playing with their mom, playing with sounds, hands with hands, feet, mouths, and serious learning. Sayings, voices, poems, trivia rhythms, songs performed and then sung by flute follow each other. For a short period of time, the little ones are also attracted by the polished melodies of the centuries.

Without discipline

We recommend music education from the age of nine months to the age of four - begins with the introduction of Múnár Múnáros. - First and foremost, mothers who are childbearing, childbearing, who don't give up on their little wilderness in kindergarten until the compulsory pre-school year. These weekly occasions provide an opportunity for home-grown children to become accustomed to having children, to learn basic behavioral rules, and to meet their peers. We adapt our music vocabulary to the peculiarities of age, so there is no obligation to live, no discipline, because it would not be possible to expect a moron to apply the right kind of rules. That is why co-operation is mostly formed, especially if the moms are also heart and soul in the games. When moms sing, clap, beat the beat, drumming, sooner or later the little ones pay attention, follow their example. There is no great thing for a two-year-old toddler if you can protect a mother by giving her mother arms, moving her body around her, to play a new game. Swinging or holding hands, hovering, hopping, crouching, leaning to rhythm, "making music", playing a small game - a good thing for a child or a mother.

"Mom, study hall"

It would be outrageous to think that this is something baby-friendly or a fun event for the baby. Parents need active participation, and even more so for mothers, a kind of "mother-school" where little ones can revive their own childhood memories, get old, learn, say, play, . Almost everyone has a memory and memory of this ancient song somewhere, but the details - "how it was?" And "only the first one comes to my mind" - are very easy to remember. Here, the team leader will compose other and other musical material into each session, and everyone will receive on paper the description of the games they learned that day, the text of the songs, sayings, and the origin of the musical details. Not only the text, the rhythm, but the associated mimicry, gesture, movement is also a treasure, an enormous opportunity to help you discover your child's body parts, voice, direction - the whole world. Each urn has 10-12 sayings, children's songs are known. Munnika makes sure that she is always among the Hungarian nipples - in her experience, they can be used as a secret weapon if the child is taken away by the hard-to-kill "hysterical". The sweet, pure melody of napkins and flowers excludes the child from the mouthful, pays attention, and forgets the bitterness - says the music teacher, who has gained a lot of experience in babbling.

Let's play music!

The Jungle Book's musical music is ideal for the little ones to discover the rhythm in it. This time it is featured in the music offer. "Hey, puppy, the stock is accommodating," listen to the magnum, and the heartbeat is simple, drumming along with their rhythm trees, small and large. With the bustling rhythm, something moving, "playing music," engages children for a while, but not for much. It is not easy to sit in one place: one, the other, wanders a bit out of the carpet. Munika thinks it's time for some movement games: counting, and then the next rounds. "Fuck, Fuck Green" is very popular. Even the youngest are laughing when - "the barn is broken, the cat is left" - the arms fold in front of the child and his mother. Likewise, the "candle" is an opportunity for some exercise, stretching, squatting. In this way, you can get a variety of developer practices in your one-on-one occupation, which can not only improve your rhythm, music, sound, but also your balance and movement. In addition to this, the social and psychic experiences and conditions that are acquired here are of the least importance, which at the same time tighten the mother-child relationship and provide an opportunity for the first community. These occupations can be emotionally charged not only for young children but for their mother as well: they will both be friendlier, more open and more balanced.


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