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Secondary infertility: if the next baby does not come

Secondary infertility: if the next baby does not come

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It may be unfortunate that, after a successful conception, someone becomes pregnant with a subsequent pregnancy attempt - but in the real world it can and often does happen.

Secondary infertility: If the next baby doesn't come (photo: iStock)

The diagnosis

One-third of women between the ages of 15 and 44 who have congenital difficulties have secondary infertility - a problem more common than we think, according to statistics in the United States. This on request dr. Bakos Marcell it was confirmed by a specialist in maternity hospital. He emphasized that it is difficult to make this diagnosis, as we usually research infertility, regardless of whether it is primary or secondary in nature. The former means that when someone fails to conceive, the secondary infertility is sustained if they have already become pregnant (even if they may have had a miscarriage) and thus fail to conceive.

State of the art

"If a specialist determines that there is a secondary conception of conception in a couple, the search for the causes begins immediately, which is a really cumbersome process," says Doctor Bakos. After talking about this topic for a couple of minutes, it is clear to me that it is not about a normal picture. Here we try to compare the different states of the body, which is hardly worthwhile. After a couple of years, when a couple is planning to become pregnant, it can take several years to complete. "And as the age progresses, some tend to get out of hand and have a difficult or impossible idea. Capricorn, adding the most prominent example: "Before the first pregnancy, a woman wearing an extra lilac can have six kilograms of weight. It is a different cause."

Common Excluded Factors: Overweight, Previous Cesarean Section

Most often the aforementioned imperative is mentioned in the anti-pregnancy sworn. Beyond this, however, more can cause secondary infertility. For example, alert is the frequent responsibility of cesarean section. "Large abdominal surgeries are always prone to squinting. If, after a cesarean section, a stumping in the abdominal cavity develops which impedes or inhibits oestrus in the abdominal cavity, it is unfortunately obstructive." In addition, the more crippled the fall, the more likely it was for these sprouts to develop. "If this is in the background of conception difficulties, such as a one-day intervention called laparoscopic so-called adhesion, can eliminate the revealed impurities," says a potential doctor.

Responsibility for other health conditions

Obviously, at an advanced age, it may also pose a risk of secondary infertility. As you get older, obviously, your productivity is getting lower, and this biological gate is closing. In addition, there may be previous infections in the background: pelvic inflammation, infections of the reproductive organs, infections caused by abdominal surgery - can also be transmitted at the time of fertilization, it is possible to have sex. In the case of chronic endometritis - that is, when the mucosa of the mucous membrane of the uterus is chronically inflammatory - it is difficult for the embryo to become embedded in the uterine wall.
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