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Body function changes so much during pregnancy

Body function changes so much during pregnancy

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There is probably no event that would get into the female body at as many points as pregnancy. The changes are significant even if the results are not visible to the naked eye.

Body function changes so much during pregnancyPregnancy has a profound effect on all aspects of maternal physical functioning: Pregnancy essentially generates a complete change in the body. In some areas, the results of this are very dynamic over the course of the 9 months, but not only are there ongoing biological events that vary from day to day, but also from hairless to soles in every other body.

Body fluids

Of course, the external and internal genitals show one of the most significant changes. Even though the lamb was about 50 grams in weight before pregnancy, it is gradually expanding into a single lump during pregnancy, which will also be true for the vagina) and, on the other hand, may cause a few drops of blood to be observed after sexual intercourse. In the vagina, the level of PH changes, which alters vaginal odor and taste during pregnancy, but on the other hand - and needs to be more closely watched - opens up space for bacterial and fungal infections. Against this, the body struggles with more vaginal output - it should normally be similar to everyday vaginal discharge, but with greater volume, density, and more weight, it is important to the blood plasma may increase by up to 50 percent, but not only plasma but also the number of red blood cells will increase by about 18 percent - or if you are dietary supplement, you will also increase iron by 30 percent. Pregnant nхk testйnek the megnцvekvх oxigйnigйny kielйgнtйsйn tъl egyrйszt azйrt szьksйge tцbb vйrre is that you can lбtni nцvekvх the genitals megfelelхen, mбsrйszt named to the ellensъlyozza szьlйs folyamбn jelentkezх vйrvesztesйget.Ъgyszintйn may be greater for pregnant nхk vйrйben due to certain szьlйses vйrzйs mйrsйklйse and the amount of coagulants that increase the risk of thrombosis - so it's important to have regular walking and moving your legs for longer trips. In the cardiovascular system, a slight increase in heart rate and a discrete decrease in blood pressure (due to the production of hormones that relax the blood vessels) are also commonly seen.

The organs grow

Of course, it does not leave the organs of the abdomen intact when it returns to the growth of the bee: for example, the stomach and intestines are shifted to the back and sides of the abdomen. In the second trimester of pregnancy, this - together with the iron content of vitamins and increased production of hormonal changes, most notably gut-depleting progesterone - can slow down the digestion, leading to bloating and constipation. Increased pressure and production of progesterone can also cause hemorrhoids on the other hand. Growing mice also suppress the bladder, which causes more frequent urine stimulation, and changes in size between 1 and 1.5 cm in size. Pregnancy also affects body hair: the thicker, thicker hair of a pregnant woman, as she loses less hair due to altered hormone production, but can also be longer, longer and dense on the arms, legs and legs. In addition, there will be many changes in the skin. Most of the women show the so-called linea nigra, a black line that extends from the originator to the pubic bone. This is related to the level of estrogen, which changes the production of pigment substances that also determine skin color. Also known as the pregnancy mask, melasma means larger, darker patches on the face - in parallel, freckles and moles can also become darker. The exact cause is not yet known and may be related to complex processes that affect the skin components of the skin. With this, anyone who suddenly picks up more kilos during pregnancy, or is already pregnant or the fetus is larger than the average, will probably be more likely to meet you.

Hormones storm

The organs undergo a profound change in the hormone system. The two most important pregnancy hormones are estrogen and progesterone. Women produce more estrogen in a pregnancy than they would in a lifetime if they did not become pregnant. This helps the baby and baby to develop blood, it also helps deliver the nutrients to the baby and also plays a role in breast growth. Its level is constantly and very rapidly increasing during pregnancy, which may be related to the first trimester of prostration; to the peak, this process is achieved in the third trimester. Excessive levels of progesterone also increase, which causes the ribbons and the breasts to become more relaxed throughout the body. During pregnancy, level, which increases the amount of blood. All of these increase the level of calcium in the glucose and tubing - which can cause later cramps in the lower abdomen and in the legs - and the metabolism is accelerated. the hormones that relax the ligaments to help the body move more easily also affect the shape of the foot: ) you may need a shoe size.

What are the plus wedges?

As for the immune system, in the past, it was decided that its function was downgraded during pregnancy so that the mother's body did not want to get rid of the new element, the fetus. Today it has already not нgy gondoljбk the recent vonatkozу vizsgбlatok alapjбn jбtszik pregnant nхk immune system of terhessйg kьlцnbцzх stages mбs йs mбs but egykйnt very aktнv йs dцntх jelentхsйgы role - immune cells kцzremыkцdйse nйlkьl pйldбul not the fetus beбgyazуdбsa nor szьlйsi process is not jбtszуdhat down . And infections are especially risky for pregnant women, because they make the immune system more active and can affect the fetus, even if it is not transmitted to you. during maternal weight increases. 10 to 15 plus wounds are perfectly acceptable, and from these numbers, we can see that not only is our own growing fetus responsible for the excess weight (since they will only be 3 to 4 kilos by the end of the third trimester). It represents a large two-plus plus increase in the amount of blood and other fluids in the body, not including the amniotic fluid, which means an extra 1 pound. Also, one kilo heavier on the growing breasts and the same on the lungs, and the newly formed placenta weighs more than half a kilo. it is vital.Related articles:
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