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Believe me in the birth

Believe me in the birth

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There are a few parents who are wrong about parenting, which is not true or true. Many people's personal experiences may, of course, coincide with the following urban legends, but they still remain beliefs.

Believe me in the birthThe law illustrated the BBC's staging of 3 birth-related misconceptions that are only partially true or not at all. Let's see what they are.

The first child always comes sooner from the rapture

Only 4 percent of babies are born in the sun (which is also known to be based on a strong outlook). The firstborns are a bit small, but many come earlier and, of course, some are just in time. On average, they arrive 16 hours later, which is not limited to days, or even weeks, of urban legends. In the case of overweight children, pregnancy may also be shorter if the baby is conceived one year after the previous pregnancy.

The amniotic fluid is flowing

And then birth started like Niagara ran through me ... and most of the time in romantic movies, it wasn't quite like that in the real world. In many cases, contraction begins immediately before the fetal water is lost, and sometimes it causes the fetal water to flow artificially. It is also common for water to trickle and sometimes to give birth to a baby. According to a study, after the flow of the amniotic fluid, birth is usually started within 24 ounces.

Spicy food starts the baby

According to an American study, if the baby does not start on the day of the healing, the eatery of the woman will sip on the delicious meals in hopes that the baby will die. The idea is that the spicy food moves the digestive system and can trigger meals. However, for the time being, there is no scientific evidence, though not much has been tested so far.Related articles in parenting:
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