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Even the middle-aged children are gossiping

Even the middle-aged children are gossiping

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There are times when it is helpful to know one or more about the people we contact. There are many species in the animal world that can draw conclusions from the other, but only humans live with the gossip tool to convey the information they have acquired.

Already, the annuals are rumored

According to the Max Planck Leipzig Intйzet evolъciуs antropolуgiбval foglalkozу experts hбromйvesen mйg not, but you have already цtйvesen professionally pletykбlunk.Amikor confidential informбciуt бt added in the present non lйvхkrхl, i.e. pletykбlunk, rumor cнmzettjйnek segнtьnk that emerge kйsz egyьttmыkцdйsre partners, and the elkerьlje kevйsbй egyьttmыkцdх tбrsakat. "In the past, we didn't find much scientific evidence that children under the age of 10 were gossiping, but now this is a suppose to be rumored. It has been strange so far, as educators have been through so many. we examined whether children of three and five years of age were already gossipingso we invited the kids to play games together, "says lead researchers Esther Herrmann.
The games included a box of chips and a few chips which allowed the chips to be shared. Children three and five played this game twice in a row, each time using a different ball. The essence of the games was to collect as many chips as possible across the board, while giving them at least as many chips as possible for the "baby". One dude followed this rule, while the other always gave only one chip. In the third version, the puppet always gave seven chips, which was significantly more than the one required.
Once the three circles had all the dolls, the kid left the room and the next, similar-age player could come. He was informed that there was not enough time to complete the game with each baby, so he had to choose. It turned out that after the two-year-olds were meeting in the corridor, the next player knew exactly which ball to choose to get all those chips - or more.
Not only the graduates but also the three-year-olds shared with each other what had happened inside, but they weren't so informative, the point was ignored. The However, the year-olds were very detailedwhich bikes are worth avoiding for the sake of success, and exactly why.
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