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Caution, you can bring some dietary foods!

Caution, you can bring some dietary foods!

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We want to lose weight, but we want to gain weight. Unfortunately, some weight loss products may help.

Caution, you can bring some dietary foods!

Researchers at the University of Georgia discovered that sugar-rich, but low-fat meals had increased body weight in experimental animals. Sugar products are only dangerous because they can harm the liver, but because of these foods we are often unable to determine whether they are actually good or not. " There is sugar in them. Many people believe that these are healthy foods, so they consume plenty of them during the time of their diet, but it can lead not only to obesity but also to liver disorder"says the research leader Dr. Krysztof Czaja, who published the results of his work group in Physiology and Behavior. The experts examined body weight, calorie intake and a sample of three rats in three groups each week. One group consumed foods high in fat and sugar, the other low in fat and high in sugars, while the control group consumed its usual diet.
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