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5 life hack moms

5 life hack moms

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There are things that the literature on parenting and care for children does not teach. Little tricks that make the weekdays easier for us mothers.

Using a bathrobe can also be challenging


As soon as your baby is born, one of the first recipes the baby will put into your hand will be the bath color. However, bath tubs, or what is also known as laundry tubs, are not exactly mother-in-law. It is almost useless in the bath itself. It's getting out of hand, you can't put it on your baby's skin - it's just annoyance at the first encounter with it.Our pediatrician showed me how to make it useful. Tulajdonkйppen is like making homemade mayonnaiseyou just have to work with the cream and some lukewarm water. So put 1 teaspoon of cream in a small bowl, add a little water and start stirring! Another small amount of cream and water can be added, which should be stirred further. It is important that you always work in small doses, as this is how you can promote a uniform liquid cream.


When it comes to giving our children more than one medicine at a time, we often do not know how much we have given them. It can be practical help if you make a little note on the side of the gift box, where you can mark the dosage carefully.

Make the pump soap kid-friendly!

If you want your child to wash your hands heartily and frequently, toss your pump soap a little. I colored the soap content with a few tiny pieces. For smaller children, it is advisable to wrap a thicker hair rubber under the pump to adjust the dosing.

Half the image

For infants and young children, the picture is an important part of a home pharmacy. Since these foods are kept cool, they are not simply halved. But babies really need it. What do you do? Just boil a thin bladeand lightly glide over the hard image.

Warm water heater

Sick ears may have some warming hernia. If you do not have a warm flip flops at home, grab a sock, add a couple of chops (you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil), and knot the ends of the socks. Warm the bag in a clean container and go to the patient's side in March. Make sure the bag is not too hot!And all this in a video:Related Articles:
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