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Nine questions about the bra

Nine questions about the bra

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There are some beliefs that hold you back, even though you have been counted out countless times. Let's see what beliefs you have about bras.

Nine questions about the bra

In childhood, you hear many things that you know as a grown-up that you know are not true, for example, if you swallow a globe, it stays in your stomach for a week, or if you often smile, so your face stays. However, it seems that it is much harder to get brains about bra out of women's heads. These are described below beliefs and cfafolataikrуl We can read.

If you sleep in a bra, your breast will not sink

This is generally not true, sagging of the breast doesn't depend on itwhether you wear a bra at night or daytime is more influenced by pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or gravity in general, which causes your breasts to expand over the years.

If we wear a bra, our breasts will sag

This is exactly the opposite of the above belief, but many persistently believe that it is not good for the breast if it is constantly supported, because it will weaken the muscles that support it. However, it is actually in the woman's breast no muscle, only fat and woven, so not strengthened by training. It is better to strengthen the back and wear a bra bravely.

Bra causes breast cancer

This belief was based on a 1995 study, but it has been proven that research results were not well founded, and there is no correlation between bra and breast.

Do not wash your bra too often

Indeed, it would be a good idea to wash your underwear and bra every time you use it. According to experts, worth it more buy more of our favorite type, but don't wear one for a day.

Do not put the bra in the washing machine

There is some truth in this setting, as the washing machine makes it easy to clean the staples, staples, which is why it is worthwhile to clean with cold water, a little detergent, or baby shampoo, but who doesn't like it feel free to put it in the machine, use a cold water program, a dry detergent, and put the linen in the wash.

A bra can be for life

This is not true either. Even if the size of our breasts may not change, after one year It's worth replacing except if we wear it only rarely, we can keep it for up to three years. If the white skirt is worn out, the basket part is open, its stiffener is deformed, we should definitely look for it.

Our bra size is the same regardless of brand

Unfortunately, that's not the case, we might have to buy a 34C for a Victora's Secret piece, but it's generally not the case that it will be our size in most other stores. It's all cig uses a different model for that reason, it is worth every time to tear up your bras before buying them.

If we lose a new bra, try it on the largest size

Instead, experts would advise that in medium size try the pieces, because many women have small breasts during menstruation, so it is possible to shift the size to a larger size, and when the material is slightly open, it is possible to switch tight.

The bra can only be worn one way

The traditional method is first upside down, pivoting the bra in front of you, then clamping the clasps in front of you, finally turning it around and going into the pans. However, there is one another method which can help make your bra more comfortable. Let's lean forward, turn the bra back together, adjust the straps, and put our hands in the basket, and center the breasts in the center of the basket. Related articles in bra: