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Benefits of prolonged breastfeeding

Benefits of prolonged breastfeeding

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There are those who think that breastfeeding a child for years is strange, unnecessary and even sick. What is Long-term Breastfeeding? Is there an upper limit for breastfeeding?

Benefits of prolonged breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your child until the age of 3, 4 or 5 - maybe more common than you think? - asks the La Leche League article. The article quotes a few examples of how a baby works for years in the country. he was crying at me, I don't forget those eyes. He had a cheeky smile on his face, caressing his arms while sucking. When he got bigger he said he wanted to. for that, the answer was "just a tiny bit." Of course, it took a devoted loving guy who had this thing natural. Nowadays, in a company, moms have talked about having a 5-year-old baby suckling from the mother ... Only anyone who has it can know that. If you can honestly say that your soul feels the way you want it, you can say it. You don't have to say you're doing this, just for example. so much so that it is better not to come to this, the mother surely knows what her child wants, and she is most competent in doing so. " approx. Up to 6 days provide optimal growth, development and ongoing protection of children against ulcerative and respiratory infections. Breastfeeding should continue at least until or after the child's first life, as long as this child and mother are desired. Not felsх hatбra the szoptatбs idхtartamбnak, йs semmifйle bizonyнtйk not have to nйzve causing pszichйs or fejlхdйsi sйrьlйst 3 йves of age or those tartу tъl szoptatбs bбrmilyen. "According to the Egйszsйgьgyi Vilбgszervezet (WHO) ajбnlбsa" kizбrуlagos the csecsemхknek szoptatбsra is szьksйgьk йletьk elsх 6 months to achieve optimal growth, development and health. You can now access, to tбplбlkozбsi szьksйgleteik to be elйgнtve the csecsemхknek should receive megfelelх йs biztonsбgos kiegйszнtх tбplбlйkot, mikцzben the szoptatбs folytatуdjon tъl kйt йves of age or beyond. "The Hбziorvosok American Szцvetsйge ajбnlja the szoptatбs folytatбsбt the elsх йletйvben йs hozzбteszi that" breastfeeding after one year has a noteworthy benefit to both the mother and the baby and should continue as long as both are desirable. " "Dr. Dettwyler Anthropologist in the Book on Breastfeeding (Breastfeeding: A Biocultural Review) says that comparing primates, Between 2.5 and 7 years old is the time of natural separation. According to this, a baby breastfeeding one year or more can be regarded as completely normal and natural. utуbb I am sure I will face criticism. If you are criticized, think that people may simply not be aware of the benefits of long-term breastfeeding or they may feel guilty because of the educational path they have chosen. Here are some possible ways to respond, according to La Leche Liga: - Ignore: just go ahead or switch to something else
- Provide information: recommend books, articles, share ideas from health professionals about long-term breastfeeding
- Use Humor: Make a joke about the situation or ourselves, not the other person
- Accept: accept and understand the point of view of the other, and ask him further questions without contradiction or agreement
- Comparison: to show that you understand the other person's senses and thoughts.Dr. William Sears also offers some insight into how to deal with such criticism. It is recommended that we be aware of the following:
- Science is on your side.
- The world view is on your side.
- It will benefit your health.
- You have an effect on your baby's behavior.
- Take it to your doctor.
- Let your child silence the criticism.
- How long should your baby suck?
- 13 + 1 Benefits of Breastfeeding


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