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"I haven't found my place after birth for a year" Vali's children's book

"I haven't found my place after birth for a year" Vali's children's book

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Stormy, fast-paced birth, taking the baby for observation, separation, and the bottom-up events of the baby's everyday life. It took her a year to get home after she was born. That's what we told us.

"I haven't found my place after birth for a year""I don't complain at all about having a long birth because Underneath his head, Dominic was there, my little boy, from the time I put the first haircut on the headscarf app on my phone. The Apgarja wasn't too good, it didn't list me, I took it, I got it a lot in the church. I was sewed because I was cracked and my gold came out. In the hospital, however, I did not have the power to philosophize on these events. however it was patience to be inside. I was really hoping that when we get home, it will be better, we can be together, they won't be stressed with breastfeeding, mating, "recalls the 29-year-old mother in the hospital days.

Imagination, New Life

Home was no better. She's confronted with the baby changing her days: she doesn't go to the toilet when she wants, she can't eat when she's hungry because her baby's shawls and pajamas sometimes can't change her regular clothes, and she also gets tired Come on, with 3-4 ounces a day. "I never told anyone that this was like this. I didn't tell you how much your child is being hijacked by the mother. I didn't prepare for this," says an officewriter who worked until the 35th . The baby began to lose weight, and breastfeeding received compassionate, contradictory advice from everyone, and later on, thinking about it, it was the first time in the chain of events. He had finally given up, but with more daily lungs (he, Dominik too), diet had proven to be a better solution.

The days of dread

He says by the end of the sixth week he had been dreading being alone with his baby, even though it was the biggest part of his time, because his husband was just home in the evening, could not count. She had a girlfriend who visited her weekly, but she wasn't enough to "stay on level". In addition to breastfeeding, persistent anxiety also worsened my condition, since I was calmed down in desperation. " where I just had a lecture for my childhood, I went to gather all my furniture and put everything in light again. "fourth trimester" kifejezйsrхl. Arranging to keep the baby in the middle of the room instead of suffering from anesthesia in an anesthetic room allows me to relax more, and last but not least, where everyone went exactly the same as I did. I made sure that my baby is working well, that my feelings are right, and that accepting it regularly would be enough for me not to be zigzagged, as hopefully this period will not last. I'm not saying I was fine right away, but from then on, the regular outgoing with my baby made a change in quality, "she says with a smile.Valian took care of her on Sunday, one month after she was born, what's missing from lifeand what you could bring back, at least in part. The cinema and the theater were still waiting for you, but they brought reading back to the big walk, in the form of e-books or audiobooks on your phone. He didn't bother with cooking, he ordered more often (and his wife was not resentful about it), because he felt that he could let it go, he simply did not fit into it, but at a high price. "I also became more involved with my brother when he came home in the evening, retired to gymnastics, and a little jogging. I'm slowly starting to take control of my own life again," he says. But a big wall was still back: repairing the ruined sex lives.

Like teenagers

So he felt they were lost with their child's father, who was extremely supportive, even though he seemed to want to have a wife, even in the end. "I think we had a problem with the baby before the birth and the baby's arrival only reinforced it. He also noticed it. both of us were impressed, both of us died, but we didn't talk about it in the past. to find my place in me as well as dad in the new roles. It was hard to keep up with the stellar saying. But it is educational. We are not planning another baby at the moment. We are trying to get everything new in our threesome right now.
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