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Attack on the kid: you are here and what to do

Attack on the kid: you are here and what to do

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Apta may be found mainly on the lining of the lips, rarely on the other lining of the lips, or on the skin.

Attack on the kid: you are here and what to doIt ruptures quickly and is usually followed by a painful, covered with yellowish bedding, which extends over a period of seven to ten days. The causes of these changes are unknown, but they may be caused by viral infections (such as herpes), food allergies and nerve factors.

Symptoms of apathy are in children

Aphids appear in the form of white, red-colored patches, primarily on the lips, inside the muzzle, on the tongue or on the lip, rarely on the throat. In severe cases and in predominantly children, aphtha can also cause malaise, generalized oppression, elevated temperature and lymph node swelling. It can start suddenly, but it can also be preceded by sunburns for two or more days, with symptoms such as gritting, oral stinging before it appears. Usually, it is caused by poor compliance with hygiene rules. The child does not want to drink or eat because of the sensation of the hunger. The eyelid may also be contaminated around the eye. Because of the pain, the baby has a very nasty, nasty, unpleasant mouth odor and swollen lymph nodes in the vicinity.

How to treat apta?

The pediatrician confirms the disease by a simple physical examination. The essence of the treatment is the pain and need to relieve the fever until it disappears and to order a local nursing care. Various non-sensory remedies or paints used in dentistry to relieve pain are also suitable for application to the surface of the eye, but their use depends on the child's age or age. If your little tip is refusing to eat or drink, a few days of hospital treatment can be used to prevent dehydration.

This is how to prevent apta

Don't get your baby's pacifiers, cutlery, and toys clean as much as possible! Also pay attention to frequent washing.Tip for moms if you're kiddingIf you notice that your baby is mouthfeeling, you do not have to stop breastfeeding, but be sure to thoroughly clean your breast before and after feeding. If your baby is bigger and your diet is high, cool, lukewarm drinks, easy-to-swallow foods are recommended (the sloppy juice of the actual fruit juices), the problem will not go away! You can also add a heartbeat to this, and it is easier to take a more fluid diet with you.Secretary: dr. Ambrus Laszlo is a dentistRelated articles in Children's Diseases:
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