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Urinary urticaria, tingling sensation - this is the earliest symptom of cataract. Bladder infections are most often caused by colon bacteria, which are usually transmitted from the peritoneum to the bladder inlet.


That is why the adequate intimate hygienewhich is not the same as washing the genitals more than once a day with soap, as it disrupts the vagina's natural acid mantle and defense system. because it is an excellent breeding ground for colon bacteria.
It is common for you to have bladder inflammation during periods when the body is very exhausted, or cooled down. In such cases, the ability to grow and the larvae of the mucus begin to increase.
Once inflammation has developed, it is particularly important to treat the adequate fluid intake. It is useful to drink herbs, such as bearberry or horsetail, at least two liters a day. Don't wait for your symptoms to get worse, see your doctor in time. Usually it also requires medication. This will quickly eliminate the discomfort, but continue to do so until the desired amount of medication is taken.
There is no contraindication to the use of medications for bladder weakness during breastfeeding. If treatment is started in good time, it can prevent the disease from spreading to the kidneys.
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