10 parenting principles that are sure to come down

10 parenting principles that are sure to come down

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Expectantly, we still have definite ideas about parenting, and when a child is born, we realize that consistency is not so easy.

As for the second bride, we are no longer stubbornly clinging to our original views, and the third is not even remorse if things don't go according to the book. Little mother talked about the principles of a thrown parent.

1. I took the scriptures for baby planning as a holy word ...

… And managed to keep a lot of things. The first child. Until two years of age, he didn't even know what a tree was, except for the small estimated torudri that he received in the deed, because he didn't dare to say that he was a poor little man. I held on to my second baby for a while, and I realized that it was better not to gnaw on it, as the controls slipped out of my hands more and more. At the age of five, a large man, for example, put a cup of cocoa in his mouth to feel the bellies of a bunny drink, and he smiled and smiled. The rudi, the turnip and the kinder came. The boy wanted to share all the delicacies with his little one, and had done so many times before.

2. I insisted on the Bloody Agenda…

… But as the bodies came, he became increasingly desperate to keep it. My first son was sincerely suckling, eating, sleeping, and sleeping fast. We've had so much in the same way today, we could have been adjusted to us. The second child didn't sleep as much, I, too, was more tired, moving, and the system started to crash. It stressed me out a lot, and as I was loosening up with my third baby, I realized that my spiritual warfare was more important than gnawing at bath time.

3. I ran a baby diaper and a systematic photo album…

… Until I became a mom with multiple children. Okay, beginner pregnant people are much more conscientious, but it is also a fact that we have time between two and more at night. I had a book called Kid's Word that I got in the church, I wrote down everything from the first register to our ovis' goodbye ritual. On my machine, I organized photos every week in the directories. We captured every opportunity and made videos. Then, as the number of seedlings increased, the number of notes and pictures also developed. I usually get this done when I cook a book for the grandmothers for Christmas. Of the third child, I used to save the most pictures on my smartphone.

Baby and mom

4. I have decided not to ever take sick to the chick ...

… But unfortunately I was in some difficult situations. In fact, initially, I was still on antibiotics. But when I went back to work, my soul became ill just when I had to keep the half-time report to the oversight committee, and I could not count, pushing the penis down in the morning to let it go. After work, I rushed for it as I knew it. My boss is worthy, and he has a kid, but nowadays, you can't put a lot of stress on anyone, nobody is impatient. Of course, in this case, one has to know what it is like to have a child all day, not to mention remorse and caring headaches.

5. We've told you to tell the tummy tuckers as well ...

… And our first child just absorbed so many turns. Until eight o'clock in the evening, Dad's voice didn't shake my stomach, the kid used boxing exercises to tell me it was time. But not only the fetus, but also our cosiness had a good effect every night. Then the next tummy tucker, who hadn't been so involved in the show so often, had managed to work together so that we could be together, and both children could hear how Boribon had become healed. Poor's third baby had already missed the tale, and even her grandmother read more than we did.

6. I wanted to sleep alone in my own bed…

… But I often get along with the kid. I tried to sleep with him, and it still is. First, I thought about how good this baby is, and the fact that you can fall asleep alone, I don't spoil it if I lie with her breast. I didn't confess to feeling so good at it. Also, my brother works a lot at night, and I don't like to sleep alone alone. So I taught my daughter to fall asleep alone, but she misses me if she isn't with me. I won't have any more kids, I want to take advantage of this time, and I can't do it anymore.

7. I decided not to spend on unnecessary baby stuff ...

… Then I spent a lot of money on clothes and shoes. We relied on a lot of good quality stuff from related children, and we really didn't need anything. Babies do not miss the bad marks by any means. But many times I couldn't resist the right clothes. Most of the time I was shopping on the internet, doing several things at the same time to pay for the postage. I realized that I much prefer to see my baby in what you choose for him.

8. We didn't want to play with the kid ...

… But our initial obsession soon dissipated, especially when the tesu was already there. She was missing out on baby dolls, so why would she have been interested in form-fitting when she was there, the car. The kinship is great, we celebrate all holidays, birthdays, and birthdays. And, of course, grandparents, godparents, aunts, and uncles all want to give children joy. Nor can we say to the little ones that you are good for something your boyfriend doesn't already use. The room is cool, the games are cool, everyone plays with everything. And we're just there to make a point of wasting money, scrapping, making a wardrobe, not to mention a lot of stuff, and kids being bored.

9. I was not going to be able to breastfeed…

… Because my mom couldn't breastfeed my body or me. My son and I got a bunch of pacifiers, pacifiers, sterilizers, everything. Initially, breastfeeding was very difficult, I had only minimal milk, almost nothing. But I realized that I wanted to succeed, so I kept trying. It was also a matter of knowing that I was expecting this from me. Then when I did, I realized how wonderful this whole thing was. I didn't want to quit, though many of us said when it was so late that we could give it extra time. Hiбba. By then, I had fallen so in love with intimate breastfeeding that I was incapable of taking the plunge.

10. I didn't want to force the cook ...

… But of course I often find myself trying to trick the kid into doing something. Parental diverting has come in many times, especially with the first baby. I did not feel well when the little one pushed the pot, so I turned my feeder over to my father, turned on my favorite tale, and almost did not eat it, so I gutted it in my mouth. When we go out to play at a friend's house that had a baby like that, both of us fall in love with the banana or apple snacks on the carpet after the kids. The kids played so well, we didn't want to disturb them. Unfortunately, it was often the case that I went after the kid with the spoon, especially after the smaller one, to eat only a couple of snacks. And then when they were hungry, of course, both of them ate properly, I just worried about who knows what.Related articles:
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