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Treat varicose veins before pregnancy

Treat varicose veins before pregnancy

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Pregnancy often produces prominent, tortuous reactions in the skin, which can be not only aesthetically disturbing, but can also be very painful.

Treat varicose veins before pregnancy

Dr. Sepa Gyцrgy, the Chief Medical Officer of the Thrombosis Center advises expectant mothers to treat the problem before they have childbearing and to develop conditions that may cause them to develop.

That's why feedback from a baby comes into being

There are countless changes in the body of women, which help to create feedback. For example, increased progesterone levels, which are essential for maintaining a pregnancy, make the fall looser, the walls of vines are weakenedIn addition, the whole hormone system undergoes changes that support the blood vessels of the uterus, which unfortunately also applies to the legs of the foot. In addition, because of the nutrition of the fetus, the blood flow in the mother's body is significantly increased and this places an extra burden on the lower limbs, which have to pump increased blood volume above the heart. This condition is only exacerbated by the continuous growth of the fetus, which may eventually push the veins of the pelvis, making it more difficult for the blood to return.

Existing feedback can become more severe

Of course, it is possible for someone to show up before pregnancy, and it is worth consulting and treating a specialist, as not only can they develop new ones, but existing ones can deteriorate. The great danger of this is not just that the expectant mother will complain of frequent foot fatigue, but that the stagnation of the vein may be more likely to occur. visszйrgyulladбs, but the mild thrombosis the risk of development is also significantly increased - says dr. Gyula Sepa, Chief Medical Officer of the Thrombosis Center, just before the family was founded it is necessary to deal with the problem: this may be compressive therapy (which plays a big role in the whole story), injection treatment, radio frequency or adhesive when needed visszйrmыtйt. Contrary to the traditional procedure, this procedure is almost painless, without anesthesia or spinal remission; At this point, the catheter is guided to a height of 5 cm from the flank and from there, a special adhesive is injected along the entire length of the space. After a slight pressure, this adhesive binds and closes the vessel. Most of the pages that are affected by the operation spontaneously return. The procedure is completely painless, immediately after the intervention, the patient does not need to wear a workable, even compression stocking, says the specialist. However, it is very important that if you experience any swelling of the feet, heavy sensation, or other recurrent symptoms, compression treatment is a must.


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