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On the move - A rare moment for a photographer

On the move - A rare moment for a photographer

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The pattern of how a woman just before birth is embracing her older child is spreading in Russia. Unquestionably a special moment. Look!

Photo: Facebook

Could a wonderful moment have been captured by a photographer, and we can see the last minute, when there are only two of us in the picture ... make sure you know, when you see it closest, it won't be just him. A Portlandian photographer got a similar moment when she watched a mother grab hold of a girl before she was born. "Pure sentiment. The last greeting to the mother is that the little girl in the tummy 'sits'" - says the photographer to the picture. There's a change in it all at once New Accountas well as elmъlбs too. Because a lot of things change with the arrival of the little one they've talked about so far, they figured out what it will be like, here it is, it arrives, it turns out to be true. And with that, And your first look. (via)


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