She gave birth to her twin sister

She gave birth to her twin sister

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Whitney Bliesner - thanks to her twin brother Jill Noen - is now the happy mother of a healthy twin couple (Rhett and Rhenley). Unfortunately for Whitney, a rare disease, neurofibromatosis, prevented pregnancy.

As a result of the disease, tumors developed in the spinal cord, brain, and nerves, and one of his lesions lost sight of his left eye. Due to chemotherapy and radiation, his right ear is completely diminished, and his hearing is reduced by 40% on his left ear - reports Goodmorningamerica.com.Rhett and RhenleyWomen in Portland were only 50% more likely to successfully conceive, and there was a great chance that the growth of tumors would be stimulated by pregnancy hormones. Having considered the possibilities, she decided to go for the skin. First, a friendly friend came and finally, in March, she became the twin brother who, after in vitro fertilization, gave birth to the little ones.Jill (right) happy to help her sibling, Whitney (left)