So educate the twins if you want them good!

So educate the twins if you want them good!

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"We're twins. But who am I?" - the twin circles are giving birth, which is a good sign of how difficult it is to push borders. Many times, even their parents do not treat them individually, but rather treat them as single, too.

The twins are already sensing each other in the womb, and they have special feelings that separate them for life, and they carry on their smallest reflections, even if they do not. However, this property may make it difficult for children to develop consciousness. A small twin child may not always be able to decide whether a given sensation, thought or condition is "in his or her own head" or in a sibling.
One day, Remi's son witnessed his twin brother Femi put a shoulder in the corner of the table and after a lot of crying. When her father came home, Remi said to her, "I'm sorry, I put it in!"

"It's just the same!" - or not?

In a few cases, twinning in any area can also lead to misery if your brother does not do so well. That's why it's a general rule that Avoid constant comparisons. Instead, call the attention of acquaintances for a more successful approach. For example, instead of saying "Peti sings nicer than Pali", say "Peti sings nicely, but Pali draws nicely". Let us also warn grandparents, grandchildren, friends.

There is a special relationship between the twins

Many people think that twins can help a lot when they are raised in a pre-school or school group. However, the great disadvantage of this method is that the twins can tragically break apart. As with brothers and sisters, it is a good idea to do so we also organize programs for them individually, the same goes for twins. You can also express different inquiries.

Competitive and role-sharing

In many cases, identical twins also have significant births. Of course, a caring mother is more anxious, protecting a smaller, weaker, thinner, even more sick baby, who can always keep her eyes on her.
Another possibility may be that a bigger, smarter, smarter twin is suppressing a sibling. Unfortunately in many cases, some sort of ranking develops And related casting. This is not always fortunate in the development of the twins, even if they are equally good in their roles. For example, it may be convenient to have a better, nicer talking twin as the "caretaker" of the couple, while the other twosomes into silence (and thus slows down their speech development).

Isolation, functionality

The result of a close relationship between twin couples is a pair isolation maybe when they are in contact with one another, they talk less often. Often, they also develop their own language, the so-called twin language, which consists of half words and half sentences. Perhaps the consequence of this increased one-on-one orientation is that the twins are about half as tall as their peers. Separate programs are great for solving this, but if you are not successful at home, go to a psychologist.

A couple, but two people!

The twins have an uneven choice, finding one's consciousness is all because of the special circumstances of the twin situation, and some are adversely affected by the environment. Fortunately, the situation is not too much of a case: twin mothers seem to be "doubly motivated" in the solution: they are most capable of being accepted, developing two different people.

The twins help to develop a unity when:

  • right from the start, we emphasize the differences between the twins,
  • we don't move them the same way,
  • we give them their own toys, clothes that we do not exchange,
  • we often organize special programs for them,
  • allow (but not force) to create friendly circles,
  • we do not compare them, and we ask others to do so,
  • allow them to select the smaller things independently, and have the independent reviews that we listen to outside.

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