Sleeping less and less!

Sleeping less and less!

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Usually up to one year of age, the little one sleeps twice a day, usually stale and early dune. But slowly we see that the Aberrian periods are stretching, so the sleeping pills are getting shorter.

It is difficult to make the transition, when bedtime begins at almost noon, and sleeping in the evening. In this case, let's organize the day a little: we have lunch earlier, then the child will definitely fall asleep, then go out for a big nap, and only go home early in the evening. Even with an early dinner and a good night's sleep, you will never feel the lack of sleep at night.We always pay attention to your signs and adjust to the rhythm. This can vary many times, depending on how long it is bright when the sun comes up - these factors still have a great influence on your sleep patterns. In spite of this, there are times when, for months, the same plausible sleeping order is maintained.

Watch for the signs, you may not need as much sleep

Let's try to respect that, but also take it into consideration when another phase of development is near and help him find a new order.
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