Educators: a chance for kids

Educators: a chance for kids

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Mother and foster mother. But how can you hold a big family where other children can be accommodated for longer or shorter periods? How are the children themselves?

As long as we talk, the smallest one is playing around there. "Mom, Mom!" she exclaimed, then played back calmly after Anita caressed her. Idyllic picture. There is no trace of the day-to-day mournful one-year-old baby who spent part of her mother's life in a mother's home and then without her mother's in an orphanage. When she was betrothed, Anita lost thirteen kilos in one month, her sons asking every day when she was brought back. Anita was also uncertain. She was afraid she wouldn't let the family, her husband, have any relationship with her. Then the ice slowly broke. The girl is playing with a smile now.Anita has put her life to rest give abandoned children a chancet a normal life. So as long as they can be broadcast (often just twice a year), csecsemхotthonban vбrjanak. That a couple of days later, they love them. They're babysitters, they talk to them. Have their own clothes, their own toys. That's what Anita thought when they started. And when his third son was born and picked up the baby stroller at the age of two, he had a feverish heart in his heart. Her husband first said, "If we don't have more babies, what are we going to do now?"
According to Anita's original post csecsemхgondozуso he felt like he was giving birth to five of the poster-looking patrons he saw at the door. My brother and I took the course, and after a year and a half, the phone rang: a six-day baby's blood was brought up. Dylan was already in the hospital, and by the time Anita handled the papers, the baby was in her husband's arms. If, by then, we had doubts that we would not be able to love another child, it would soon have vanished.
They spent the first few weeks getting to know each other and watching the baby breath every night. The son of the three also baboys, pays tribute to the little boy who was eventually passed away for years, and who lives happily ever after with his new parents. Anita does not deny that her entire family was very worried Broadcasting. From the early days of the baby, parents told their own children that we were only temporarily small, and then her real mom would come. They tried to help the boys accept the facts. Helping them through the post-delivery period has helped them to think of ways to give more babies a chance to get past life. The opportunity didn't take much.
They soon adopted a seven-week-old boy who had the same love for the family as the other child. However, before her two-year-old age, she too could be married because her mother had never visited her foster parents.

Educators: a chance for kids

Anita says they were worse off than they thought before. Though their actions are controlled by their consciousness, their feelings have been overpowering. The He gave me a shot they couldn't enter her little boy's room for three months. Many times they have thought that it is not normal for us to make this our family. But the goal floated before their eyes: to give even more babies the chance to grow up in a real family. This is an example to their own children: these are the true values ​​of life.
When they thought they had gone through so many things that no more surprises would touch them, the arrival of the two girlfriends had fundamentally upset their lives. Sibri came together for years, and practically without a day and night break - the csecsemхotthonban the hardships of the three months that have been completed have further complicated the situation. To Novey, Tnmea was five when we got home. The first night she asked Anita what the night was going to be, which Anita said: "The maid, the cook and the night have been canceled, now I have only stayed." The baby was relatively easy to fit in, and half a year later, with Sari, things started to get sorted out, and, in the words of the psychologist, "Tnmea came into the family." Now you dare to be yourself, to cry and to oppose. Dare to loosen up. You don't call Anita a mother, except for meetings with her own mother, for punishment. He had taken off his clothes, and he wanted to cut his blond hair up to his waist. He didn't have a father's picture before, he didn't know how to love a father, a mother, siblings. Now he's learning, and it's not easy for anyone.
Anita's family keeps in touch with the family of the two boys who have been married, and they both met personally after another year's break. Toddlers didn't get to know Anita, her boyfriend, or the kids, but let's just say it's so good. Since then they have regularly organized social programs, and they have become family friends. Only Anita's youngest son sometimes says that this baby boy can't be the baby they brought up.
Anita is often asked by friends, how to love another child. Х He says that because he is concerned with his problems, there is no difference in seeking and loving. Education is a task that cannot be planned in advance. You don't know if the baby will be conceived in the next week or so, and it may not be long before you reach adulthood, until you reach adulthood.
Anita is now expecting her fourth child. They believe that a newborn baby will bring the whole family closer together. It strengthens its own sons by not allowing their own children to be let go. Never. Raised girls will continue to love them even if a newcomer comes to the family. And this gives parents the power to continue the educational task.


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