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Why do you wake up at night?

Why do you wake up at night?

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At night, he wakes up and starts to cry. You are soothing, you are talking to him as if he were not awake. What could this be?

Why does the kid wake up at night?

If you wake up again and again, try to eliminate the possible causes first.Take a look at these, for example:
  • Which half of the night do you list: after going to bed a little, or rather the other half at dawn?
  • Can you tell me what's wrong with him or not, don't you answer if you talk to him?
  • Do you remember the night's event the next morning?

  • It is probably bad for you to have a bad night if you list it for the second half of the night, maybe two or three years old can tell you something about your pictures and slowly settle down with you.Pavor nocturnus the Latin name is that alvбszavarwhich is much more frightening of bad luck. Usually, the first part of the night occurs during the deep sleep phase. The child is almost self-centered, screaming, waking, sweaty, sweaty, trembling, tossing himself or walking. Even though the eyes are open, they may speak without interruption; It can take up to a quarter of a state of confusion. alvajбrбs: in this case, the child is not alone, you do not remember anything the other day, you have a good time. Investigations have not revealed what causes this sleep disorder, but they have been observed to have a family predisposition, as well as an increased incidence of enlarged nasal tonsils in the affected children. In addition to genetic predisposition, nervous system and psychological causes, you may suspect that you may be overwhelmed by a feeling of thirst and suffocation. What can you do about it? Shorter or slightly quicker a critical phase of brain drainif you dare not dare the child. Put it down on time or in the sun, and give it a little nap. In the evening, ventilate the room and keep it cool at night. If you suspect snoring because of a stuffy nose that your nose can be sinful, go to a specialist examination. Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep Sleep - Called Attention dr. Polish Boglárka pediatrician.You can also find helpful tips on sleep problems in these books:
    William Sears: Night Care - How to Sleep a Baby - Homeopathy
    Walter, dr. Glьck: Homeopathy - Selective Cure For Children 0-16 Years
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